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POT OR NOT? Take the Test!

Discussion in 'General' started by mikimouse, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. I got 8/10 and i don't smoke weed, i smoke hash.
  2. 8/10

    I wonder what plant those imposters really are...
  3. hm,...wouldn't load for me, i dunno
  4. 9/10 and i should have gotten 10/10, duh it obviously wasnt pot
  5. 8/10 on first one,10/10 for the the sequal quiz
  6. 10/10.

    Some of the ones that aren't pot are maple leaves (Canada's flag, god bless them).
  7. you sure about that?
  8. I got 10/10. It's really pretty easy. We have this tree outside my dorm that looks like it has pot leaves all over it. It's pretty funny.
  9. 8/10, but the second time I gots a 10/10 :D
  10. 8/10 in the hash quiz..and i'm very very messed now.

  11. That hash quiz was a joke, haha... I mean, they had a bag of wood chips!

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