Pot noodle challenge Pt 2

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  1. Ok so here are the rules.

    Any plant
    Any medium
    Roots must be contained in the pot
    Pots must be no bigger than 1 pint (uk or us not important)
    Start whenever
    Finish when its done
    Its only a bit of fun to see what happens and what people can do.
    Must be started from seed or clone.
    No rooting 13ft sativas grown outdoors in DWC and saying its done in a pot noodle pot!!!!
    No arguing or bad vibes of any kind allowed at all!!!!
    Must have fun B)
    Any lights are allowed
    Any size tent allowed
    Any size groom allowed
    Any color pot allowed
    Any growers with fit wives/gfriends must post a pic!!!
    Any nutrients are allowed
    Any additives are allowed
    Any strain is allowed
    Did I miss anything??? LOL B)

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  2. Subbed in will have results soon!
  3. And its on, I'm cupping a clone tonight! Will post pics and info later.
  4. Heres my cup



    Gonna take ages till I get my hands on some coco so Im gonna start this one in soil and do a coco one when I get my stuff from the uk. Its f*****g freezing outside atm (18C lol) so Im gonna do it after work tomorrow. Stuck on the day shift B(

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  5. It just occured to me that if watering a pint of soil I will only need about a half litre to get good runoff. If using nutes for half litre of water to start with, I will need between an 8th to a qtr ml of nutes. How the hell do you measure an 8th of a millilitre???

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  6. get a small pipette lol
    or make a litre worth and tip the rest down the sink
  7. Easiest solution: ditch the nutes and go organic.
  8. Tsk tsk.... pouring chemicals down the sink...

    Make a half batch and use it later.
  9. Hahaha yeah will do B)

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  10. usually nutes say use straight away and don't store it. it won't hurt down the sink its plant fertiliser, not bleach, which coincidently people tip down the sink all the time. what you put down the toilet every day is far worse :)
  11. If its synthetic nutes, not organic, it could be worse than bleach. Just cause it will grow a plant doesn't mean its good for water systems. Water processing plants use living bacteria to cleanse the water, chemicals in nutes can be harmful to these environments.

    Please don't endanger many just cause it suits your fancy.
  12. I never said it was good for water systems, just that half a litre of the diluted solution is not going to cause any problems.
    I guess we are just going to have to disagree on this one. no point taking the convo any further I spose
  13. Any updates anyone???

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  14. my seed hasnt even shown its face yet :(
  15. I hear ya, I havnt rooted any of my clones yet.
    Im trying to select a good one for this challenge
  16. Still working on a cup to use lol. I bought the mini pump already only cost me $5 for it. Still looking at containers lol I need to get out of the house.
  17. I found a container that I would LOVE to use. Think it might be just a little too big to use though. I will post and wait for an official ruling. Is a peanut butter container and would be perfect with my setup!


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  18. Go for it B)

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  19. Awesome! This grow will start in a couple weeks when I take clones! Switching to 12/12 this week so when I can sex the plants this grow is on.
  20. mmm you just made me hungry lol
    Time for some p&js!

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