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Discussion in 'General' started by GSS, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. do you or your friends have nicknames related to pot? if so, why?
    i have a friend, his names alex but everyone calls him schwag cuz he always buys this shit weed (this kid smokes an acre of dirt a day).
  2. Usually we don't even address weed. I say "Let's Go Smoke" or "Let me buy some"
  3. no, i mean a nickname for people. except that nickname has something to do w/ pot
  4. Oh, haha. I'm a bit stoned.
    People just call me "weedman"
  5. pffhaha worries, i've had worse
  6. homegrown hombre.
  7. theres 3 peeps
    I gotz
    Fitty toke
  8. Ok my friend who gets too high off of too little weed is called "Easy bake oven"

    and my other friend who is a total hippy stoner we like to call "Byrnout" because his last name is Byrne but pronounced "Burn"
  9. sometimes its fattie matty, and at work acouple girls call me nugdoodle

  10. are you sure that's not for another reason?

  11. they call him nugdoodle cause something inside his pants is a stumpy chode LOL
  12. Yeah, I call my friend and ask him if he has any tickets for the greenday concert, or if he is going to visit the 'ticketmaster'.

    How many tickets do you need? 8? That's like 240$. Damn! But we all want to go! Are the seats good? Yeah dude, they're awesome.
  13. I call one of my friends the 'J-man' ...

  14. i have a friend named buddah
  15. just dank, bomb, trees, weed, or bammer if it's shitty weed
  16. You read the thread homie?

    He saying do any of your BUDDIES have weed nicknames.

    When i was a kid i knew a dude 'Smokey'. He was a chill kat.

    I dont know, I know alot of nicknames but not many smoking wise.

    Like..., Lips, Snoop, Choclate, Whitey, Shorty, 3, Im sure theres more bt im drunk.
  17. brah ... yep im one of them
  18. JB for Just Bud. But JB is also my initials.
  19. i've been called "the stoneman" on occasion

    and our annoying roommate we call BK... short for buzzkill

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