Pot N' Oxycot

Discussion in 'General' started by bombdiggity, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. So I came across some 20's and kinda feelin experimental ....if i broke an oxy up in a joint would it be a waste? or well worth it?
  2. If I were you, I wouldn't be mixing different drugs, it's pretty dangerous and you could end up in the hospital. About a few years ago I took a 54mg Concerta then smoked a big bowl out of my bong then ended up in the hospital, it wasn't very fun at all. But if you like hospital trips, go for it!
  3. Oh c'mon.

    If you do your research and preparation there should never be a reason not to experiment mixing drugs.

    As for smoking Oxycotin, I'm unsure, but i really like the thread name :D
  4. just swallow it or snort it, dont lace weed with it.

  5. You seem to forget that drugs are idiosyncratic and looking up information online doesn't necessarily justify what would happen in real life. Mixing drugs is dangerous and is almost a SHURE way to end up in the hospital. But what do I know, I've only mixed drugs a few times and ended up with negative consequences. But whatever, it's your call. Just don't bitch at me when your consuming food through a syringe.

  6. You know, despite your rudeness, you're actually right.

    I was speaking through my experience with herbal, physcadelic and for the most part soft drugs.

    Pharmacuticals are a different matter all together.

    I know of absolutley no mixture of drug that is toxic with marijuana though.

    You make it seem like you should never mix drugs. I've been mixing drugs safely for decades because i'm responsible, informed and intelligent about it. I'll spend months and months research experiences, impacts, etc. before using a new drug.

    I don't understand your story about methylphenidate. Maybe a little clarification is nessecary. I was under the impression that it's a mild stimulant similar to ritalin. There are lots of people that use ritalin and smoke weed.

  7. Sorry for being a rude asshole, but it really seemed like you didn't know what you were talking about. That's my usual reaction to naive people, but thanks for clearing things up.
  8. no harm, no foul.

    Now lets smoke! :smoke:

  9. I'm going to around 11. I just picked up some new dank today and I just cleaned out my waterpipe. I can't wait. :smoke:

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