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Pot makes me super sick, please help? (20yr/F)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jenevivejo613, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. So, I used to smoke every once in a while in high school and a year or so after I graduated and I was pretty indifferent to it but it never bothered me. However, recently (the past year or more?) the smell of it, even on someone's clothes as theyre passing by, makes me extremely sick. Headaches, cold tight feeling in my stomach, nausea, and period like cramps. It also makes me either very sad or very angry. Sometimes, usually if I'm in the same room as someone smoking or if it's particularly strong, my entire body aches. Every muscle and every bone. It's complete torture because it's something I have to endure every single day. I went to the doctor and her advice was "well just don't smoke weed" yeah, thanks. I stopped smoking it anyways so that doesn't help me at all! I'm at my breaking point so I was hoping someone here (who probably knows more about pot than a doctor) could please please help me! Help me fix it or at least manage it. :(
  2. Here are your choices: 1. smoke up and endure the pain and bullshit that you have to go through. 2. quit smoking and DONT COMPLAIN! My god how pathetic. Its like saying "I want to set myself on fire but i don't want to get burned. How do I do it?"
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  3. See an allergist. Sounds bad.
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  4. If you hate the smell of weed, maybe you should join a convent.
    Or maybe not..

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  5. Thank you so much for taking me seriously and not being cruel to me for laughs. I appreciate this a lot! I'll see if I can find an allergist thank you :)
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  6. I experienced that shit from cigarette smoke when I was growing up as a kid. Headaches, body aches, anxiety, etc etc. Not from weed though.

    Psychosomatic, you really need to think about what you really think about the plant and why it might be causing this. I had some deep repressed hatred for cigarettes and I basically "magicked" up feelings to further reinforce that hatred.

    It's all in your head. Breaking it out of your head is going to be the difficulty.

    Or it's some sort of spiritual warning...only you can judge that sort of thing.

    Could just eat a mild dose edible and that might help you reassess how your subconscious feels about cannabis.
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  7. Ive never had any sort of disliking for it, and I did try edibles a few times thinking maybe it was just the smoke or something. But I ended up just puking and crying and then going to sleep. Thank you though, I'll look into it more!
  8. Well that sounds like you had too much tbh, puking happens on large doses.

    Odds are you have exceptionally sensitive receptors and should try for the tiniest dose you possible can and see how that goes. I used to be able to get high off .05 which is like half a hit...

    Gotta start hella small. If you are in a legal state tell them that you don't want to be able to feel a small nibble of something. 1/4 cookie is too strong for some people.

    anyway GL.
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  9. I think the issue is that we get a lot of troll posts and they're near impossible to tell who is being a douche and just filling our boards with anti-pot propaganda and who needs actual help.

    Some people, very few, have adverse reactions to pot like this. I believe it's something like an allergy. With some people affected by this it's every strain, with others it is just certain strains that cause discomfort. It could be that you're getting low quality bud. Perhaps you could try organic or perhaps you could try growing your own so that you can be certain there are no pesticides etc in it.

    To be honest, and I rarely give this advice, I think it's your best bet to stop consuming pot. Considering the variety of ingestion methods tried, with different product and the same result? I would just stop. I stopped drinking and wasn't exactly happy about it but now it literally never crosses my mind.
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  10. I can't really talk from experience because this has never happened to me, but I've recently been feeling sick after smoking, like when I'm coming down. Not sure what it could be. I feel like it could be allergies. But the fact that the smell just gives you a bad vibe is weird. I'm sorry i wasn't much help but if you figure something out let me know!
  11. Fuck it.
    Op you're allergic to cannabis sorry there's no cure
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  12. Check the weed or your hands or table...there may be contaminants that you are intaking. Weed doesn't suddenly do that...

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  13. Cover up with cover girl. Sorry if my advice is too dirty for you. Smh
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  14. You've adequately described what the smell of it does. Describe as much as possible what happens after you toke...
    If you are conflicted about the plant (even on a subconscious level) , let's say from a bad news report or a bad story relating to weed that you thought might be true...when you smoke or have it on your presence your mind can trigger certain bodily reactions( like you described ) as a self defense mechanism to keep you safe, since in your mind there is tremendous risk based on what your subconscious has extrapolated based on the things you feed it. I'm not a doctor but if this is in fact the case you may need to come to terms with your relationship with weed and it's safety regarding you. I know to myself that the herb is harmless but that won't help you...

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    Smells bothered my ex wife too. Is it possible you are pregnant?

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