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Pot makes me NOT hungry

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by deathbyzen, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. So I noticed that pot doesn't give me the munchies like I always hear. In fact today i was pretty hungry before I even started smoking and after two bowls I didn't feel hungry at all. I basically had to force myself to eat like 3 Hours later. Anyone else have this happen to them? Is getting the munchies a myth?
  2. You must be smoking meth.

    OR you're a troll so please don't make anymore posts on this thread.
  3. You get munchies, some strains will make you more hungry than others.

    Believe me.
  4. Nah I'm not a troll. Thought this was board was for newbs like me. But yeah I must have smoked pot like only like 20 times and I can only remember maybe two times where I got super hungry. I do get thirsty though but I just drink water.
  5. At first I didn't get hungry either, after your tolerance goes up, you'll notice it more.
  6. For me, it varies.

    I tend to actually lose weight when I've been smoking on a day to day basis.
  7. I sometimes notice that I don't get super hungry after smoking, but if I start eating I'll have a hell of a time trying to stop myself from overeating.

    The munchies, for me, don't really kick in until I make the decision to start eating, because once I start I just can't stop. For you, however, it may be completely different and different strains will cause different effects. I'm sure that in time you will be able to figure out what works best for you and it is entirely possible that you personally just don't get the munchies.
  8. i wish i didnt get munchies, but i always do

  9. ur not llosing fat ur losing muuscle
  10. I am the exact same way.

  11. I should add that I work out and eat less fatty foods when I smoked weed on a day to day basis. I tend to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables than I do meat and other foods that are high in fat. I also tend to get out on my road bike a lot more.
    I'm certain that it isn't muscle. Regardless of how much I smoked, I make sure to work out on a schedule.
  12. NO it DOESN'T. Pot MAKES you HUNGRY.

    u snortin ephedrine son?
  13. sometimes I get really baked and I am hungry but I forget to eat, then time passes and I realize I forgot but at that point I am too lazy to eat, that is how I avoid munchies sometimes.. :cool:
  14. Dude i feel you. I feel like my stomach tightens up when i blaze. Im a fat fuck when it comes to food, and its sad i cant chow when i am baked :(.
  15. Man I can't fathom that. After I blaze, the only way i can conceive to end my hunger is to go to a buffet.
  16. I have a friend who will whine and moan he's starving, so we will blaze up before heading to grab a bite and when we get there he is never hungry anymore. I think some people, such as yourself are just like that!
  17. i think the fact that many cancer patients use marijuana to eat after their chemo is pretty much proof that it increases your appetite

    I always get mad munchies when im high so i definitely do not think its a myth

  18. This happens to me as well. For the past 5 years now. I would go to the gym and smoke a bowl and come home and eat a small meal. When I smoke when I'm just hanging out, I tend to make better choices in what I eat and tend to eat less. Ive always had a weight problem but pot takes the anxiety of overeating away. Kinda strange.:)
  19. It all depends on what you're smoking.

    There's a few strains that diminish hunger, which would be great if you're trying to lose weight.

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