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Pot legalization support by state... Do agree with these numbers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Misterbell75189, Mar 15, 2016.

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    These are my estimates in each state if a public vote was held. Polls claiming majority support nationwide dont seem to add up.
    Alabama 23%
    Alaska 52%
    Arizona 39%
    Arkansas 33%
    California 53%
    Colorado 54%
    Connecticut 41%
    Delaware 40%
    Florida 35%
    Georgia 30%
    Hawaii 45%
    Idaho 24%
    Illinois 40%
    Indiana 28%
    Iowa 29%
    Kansas 21%
    Kentucky 25%
    Louisiana 27%
    Maine 44%
    Maryland 41%
    Massachusetts 51%
    Michigan 46%
    Minnesota 40%
    Mississippi 23%
    Missouri 31%
    Montana 32%
    Nebraska 29%
    Nevada 52%
    New Hampshire 53%
    New Jersey 41%
    New Mexico 44%
    New York 42%
    North Carolina 34%
    North Dakota 21%
    Ohio 36%
    Oklahoma 18%
    Oregon 56%
    Pennsylvania 38%
    Rhode Island 48%
    South Carolina 29%
    South Dakota 23%
    Tennessee 25%
    Texas 22%
    Utah 19%
    Vermont 57%
    Virginia 33%
    Washington 56%
    West Virginia 21%
    Wisconsin 39%
    Wyoming 26%
  2. It's already legal in some of those states...

    What are you basing your numbers on?
  3. Few questions, is this recreational or medical legalization?

    What are you basing your numbers off of, actual research and studies?

    Also, I know that VA has a much higher percentage than 33%.

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    I live out west and the vibe, feel and environment makes me think everyone else in the US wants legal Marijuana, but when I return to the deep south I find tremendous resistance to change from anyone I talk to. Many are smoking but the vast majority are against smoking legally no matter what the circumstances are but that actually does not shock me. I grew up in the south and lived there 1/2 my life and I always saw resistance to change. I can assure you that many of you that do not travel that traveling with pot from a legal state is WEIRD. The fact that I can light up legally in New Mexico and the second I pass into Texas I could go to jail as if my medical issues magically disappear.....amazing.

    More than 1/2 in New Mexico (That voted) wanted decriminalization and we didn't get that due to our republican Gov. THIS is the biggest problem and threat we face, not the public opinion, it is the few key people that will never in a million years lessen their grip and give in no matter what everybody else thinks. Even when you take your time to cast a vote it can mean nothing changes. Later on we were told it was an "Public opinion" item.

    If you guys learn nothing this election cycle it should be that your elected officials will not do as you wish because they know what's better for you more than you do........

    The only reason any of the laws have changed recently is a sour economy, heavy taxes and pot legalization all came in the same box.
  5. Florida got a 56% vote for yes on medical marijuana in 2014 when they voted on it. May i ask what you are basing your percentages on?

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