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Pot Jello?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Asterisk, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Ok so I was sitting here looking at jello and I'm thinking if i put weed in the mix would it absorb thc or would keif make it work or would it not work at all so if you have any ideas of how this could work or know if it does or does not please tell me thanks

  2. Jello doesn't have any natural oils or fats (To the best of my knowledge), so It would pick up minimum or little amounts of THC. I've never made jello so I don't know if it uses butter (retarded question?).

    I would suggest making green dragon (High % alcohol + weed + time) then using the THC rich alcohol and making jello shots. If the goal is to get fucked off jello, that is. If you were looking for an easy way to make a baked good, you lucked out man :(

    You're better off with firecrackers.

  3. thc is heat gonna heat up your jello?
  4. see this is why You ask questions so you learn so thank you guys and what is the amount of heat needed to activate thc?
  5. It doesn't need to be heat activated (it can bond to fats and alcohol!). The jello shots sound like your best bet.
  6. Heat is a necessary factor in preparation as it hastens the decarbaxylation of THC into it's pscychoactive form. That's why just eating cannabis without cooking it barely works. You need heat AND some means of extracting the THC (oil, alcohol, etc.)
  7. Heat isn't required for extraction (for example, qwiso hash?). The heat is there simply to speed up a reaction that will occur at room temperature. The heat gives the fat/alcohol/thc molecules kinetic energy, causing them to collide and react much quicker. We cook firecrackers because it's more convenient than waiting a week (at a guess) for the reaction to occur naturally.
  8. Where did I say it was needed for extraction? It's need for decarboxylation, which does NOT take place at room temperature. Some decarboxylation occurs during the drying and curing but usually most of it happend when it's burnt or vaporized. Heating the cannabis as part of the cooking process takes care of that step and is totally separate from extraction...and yes I studied Organic Chemistry.
  9. ?
    I dunno man. How come it works just as well with time and a low temperature, if it needs heat for decarboxylation? I mean green dragon is made without heat, yet it still does the job, without decarboxylation i assume.
  10. Screw Jello, everyone knows pudding is where its at. It would be easier to make then Jello right?? Besides everyone knows pudding is more superior.:D

  11. Ah, you've never tried MY Green Dragon. I pre bake the herb prior to extraction. It's far more potent that way.

    I never said you got NO extraction of active THC without heating. You will get a great deal more if it's been heated.

    Most people who make Green Dragon and know what they are doing either pre cook the herb or use a heat bath while extracting. Sure you can make something that will get you high just by soaking it at room temperature, but you'll be losing a lot of THC that way.
  12. Ah I understand, I thought it would be the same potency if it was left long enough. Thanks for the explanation
  13. No problem. I also pre-bake my trim and buds for making hash oil. Comes out far more potent after 15 or 20 minutes at 225F.
  14. This almost sounds as bad as my MDMA jello tasted ):

  15. or they boil the herb in vodka or everclear.

    this is not recommended thou.
  16. I know nothing about cooking with pot but I do make jello.

    Boil water and add jello packet & sugar (unless you got sugarfree). stir until the gelatin melts in and then add cold water. I'd think the boiling water would activate the THC if you added it to the gelatin.
  17. How would you propose adding the THC in the first place? It needs a fatty or alcoholic medium to be extracted...unless you want lots of loose bits of cannabis floating in your jello.
  18. Can THC be extracted into acid? something like lemon juice for example?
  19. It needs to be a non-polar solvent. It depends on the specific acid, and citric acid (the acid in lemon juice) is a polar molecule like water. Acetic acid (vinegar) is also polar.

    The human consumable substances that one can extract with are any fat/oil and ethanol.

  20. What about green dragon jello shots?

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