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Pot in outer space?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by alicedee07, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. dude that is so crazy it might be true. if that one tribe knew everything about a star that could barely be seen with a telescope i dont see why it couldnt be true
  2. I just wanna add it's been 2 weeks since I smoked from my bong, and I'm so completely blitzed, feels like the first time from a tolerance break.
  3. Hey I believe that weed is a gift from the heavens.... so I guess from a dog star galaxy works too but as for that tribe and secret knowledge .. I doubt it or they be smart enough not live in africa and be here in Cali on the coast in humboldt smokin da dank
  4. It's just a coincedence that the cannabis plant has everything it needs here on EARTH to grow naturally.
  5. No, in order for the plant to grow it has to have soil, that is a star......... Enough said.
  6. haha yeah, its merely luck that it shares genetics with all other plants on earth as well.
  7. thats all the reason i need for, n.a.s.a. get thier shit toghter,,

    and lets start doing some deep space exploring,,,, find and have sex with green women,,, and bring back thier drugs to our planet for all stoners to enjoy.......
  8. some people also thing Bananas where but on earth my space men.
  9. I think all life on earth can thank very explainable occurances in outter space for their existance.

    There is so much knowledge about the orgins of our planet and solar system, that imo pnws any mainstream religions opinions on life and all that jive

    I personally dont believe this Alien pot story though
  10. Some people, also think bananas were put on earth by space men. lawl
  11. certainly this is an interesting theory. however it is known; aliens don't send shit, especially shit like this down here anymore :mad:

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