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Pot In Heaven?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by okiuisdgf, May 28, 2013.

  1. do you guys think there's pot in heaven? I mean it's supposed to be all great there right? so pot should be there, RIGHT? I ask my mom about this when I was blaazed and she said "we won't need the material things we have here on earth to keep us happy in heaven; we won't need it" basically. Kinda makes ya wonder? oh lawd show me a sign.

  2. I agree with your mother....I believe that IF there is a heaven then we would be beyond the need or desire to smoke to feel better or relax or to have more fun.......we will already feel at the highest peace and content so there would be no need. 
  3. My uncle asked the same question two days ago in church. =p It is forbidden to think such a thing, though it would be nice.
  4. Are souls aren't going to need drugs in heaven, you silly goose.
  5. If heaven is as good as they say, then weed wouldn't be the first thing I would try and get my hands on..
  6. I believe that heaven is something the human mind cannot comprehend. I also believe that when we leave this physical realm, that it's like flushing the toilet after taking a dump. Wash your hands, walk away and forget about it.
    If we want to be stoned in heaven, we probably wont need to smoke. Just think" I want to feel stoned" and you are stoned.
  7. Souls don't take drugs.
  8. oh silly me.
  9. It's amazing
  10. If there isn't then fuck that place. 
  11. I hope so. I'm not even religious but it would show those uptight religious arseholes that like to look down on you and snub you just for your habits. 
  12. (Take off of an old drinking song).
    In Heaven there is no pot,
    That's why we toke it here.
    And when we're gone from here,
    Our friends will be token all the herb.
  13. Well since us humans made up the idea of heaven, there can be anything you want there to be in there. That's if you believe in magic and fantasy worlds.
  14. It's not real, but if you really love Jesus and want to go to heaven, then you shouldn't use drugs. Appreciate the body and life that Jesus died for you to have instead of altering it with drugs. lol
  15. Pot in heaven, 25 cents for a quarter pound of dank
  16. yes.. don't use this "drug" that he himself put here on this earth for us? lol why shouldn't we not use it? it's only a drug cause the US and world SAY it is... 
  17. jesus died for our sins and if you're a christian, later when you die you will be confronted by him and either heaven or hell. (if you are christian) he also says if you accept god as your savior, you will have life forever even after death and all your sins will be whiped away because you confessed him as your savior. i'm not saying it's OK to go commit every single sin you can, but smoking pot deff. cannot be a sin yo... irrelevant statement. 
  18. try to tell Bob Marley that "he shouldn't use drugs" and he should "appreciate the life god gave you without altering it with DRUGS" lmao good luck buddy.
  19. If I get away with being a good person down here, who shows respect and eventually raises a wholesome family, then I'm expecting a lot of sex and drugs up there. 
  20. #20 didier12, May 29, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: May 29, 2013
    I don't think there is a heaven, but I guess if there was they would have weed for sure, not sure if you'd need it though.

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