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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by popsson, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. which is more important? pot height or pot width?

    my pot is about 7 inches deep and and 12 inches wide... do you think this is large enough?
  2. The key is volume, regardless of how it is distributed (well, almost). That pot sounds like it is on the small side but should do fine. Tape over the drainage holes and pour measured amounts of water into it until you determine the volume in gallons (oh, and do this outside or in a bathtub in case the tape comes off!). I'm guessing you have about a 2-gallon pot, better would be at least 3 gallons for the typical grow of an indica-dominant plant.

    What did mean above by "well, almost"? OK, if you have three gallons that is half an inch deep and 8 feet across or something then no, that's not very good. As long as there is some reasonable proportion of depth and width for the roots to spread out then the particular proportions don't matter.

    Sometimes a shorter and wider container can be helpful if you have limited height, leaving a couple of extra inches for the plant's growth without sacrificing root volume.
  3. its pretty big.. ill just wait till i get a job so i can buy real pots.

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