pot heads for terrorism

Discussion in 'General' started by skrwee, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. ive been to busy to visit the city lately
    most regretably

    but tonight i have made time

    i jest saw a comercial on the telly
    a new anti drug commercial
    one that tells are chidren that if they
    or we buy drugs we are supporting
    terroristis and there acctivitys
    and they did it in such a way as to
    attempt to point the finger at us
    as if we were to blame for the things
    these people have done
    i have to say i am quite outraged
    realy pissed even
    to think that these people would try
    to feed us this unbelieveable bullshit
    try to make kids feel guilty for smoking
    pot as if it were there own falt as if each toke they
    take is another terrorist learning to shoot a rifle
    i think we should all kill our telivisons

    sorry about bitching tonight
    thanks for the ear

  2. Yea I have the same thoughts on this as you. I believe I saw the same ad on saturday, what was really screwed up was a couple of commercials later there was one that had all these people partying and having a grand ole' time with hot babes and such. Yep it was a coors light beer ad. Talk about hyprocritical b.s. Personaly I know so many friends that have destroyed there lives and others using alcohol. I really wish the government would quit lying to our youth about drugs. I have a nine year old daughter and in a couple of years she will be taking the dare class. I'm wondering if I can keep her out of this. If parents can have their kids excused from sex ed.classes, reading certain books in class or even to refusing to salute the flag and recite the pledge of aleigence on religious grounds, I think I should be able to not have my kids lied to about the drug ploicy of this country. Have any other parents here done this?
  3. you guys should go to www.norml.org they have letters that are prewritten and you can send them to your congressman with your name on them about those ads telling them that its a waste of money and that their out of their minds, i did, they trying to say smoking pot and blowing up buildings are the same thing
  4. For those that do not know, we as tax payer are paying for those f--- uped commercials.
    the government is spending millions of our dollars on those adds.
    We are letting the government do this.
  5. The source that the government got this bullshit from for those commercials is from a study done in the 1980s that said about 75% of the *opium* in the world originated from the middle east. This figure has been almost cut in half to date, not to mention the fact that less than 20% of the opium market is ever funded by Americans. Independent studies have shown that less than 1% of the opium money ever got into the hands of terrorist organizations, let alone was funded by Americans(that comes out to less than 100,000 dollars in total ever recieved by the terrorists...and most of that money isnt from fucking america). Then they misconstrue the claims into making it sound like kids who buy marijuana are trators. This is the same marijuana which 50% is grown domestically, with another 40% coming in from mexico and canada...that leaves 10%, which mainly comes from the carribean islands such as cuba and jamaica.

    The worst part about this is the fact that if these things were legal to begin with, the "terrorists" would have never had a chance to get all their supposed money. On top of that the government could have made a killing in taxing them(we've all seen how they tax the fuck out of alcohol and tobacco).
  6. funny how they manage to leave out the specifics and put ALL DRUGS into their campaign regarding the terrorist issue...

    basically, what nubbin said, and add more frustration toward our government's anti-drug campaign. i wish we had the option to choose not to spend our tax dollars on particular projects we are against. :D shit i'd rather my $ go towards LEGTITIMATE education of our children ~ let's get some textbooks and good teachers into those classrooms who can help those kids build a future...
    not commercials on TV that don't have any fact to base their statements on.
  7. amazing how much money is wasted for stupid propaganda they will probally blame pot for killing Kennedy soon

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