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pot-head, or stoner?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jimboob, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. alright me and this kid i smoke with alot were arguing before about the difference between a pot-head and a stoner. he says they're the same thing, but i think a stoner is someone who smokes, but still has a life and gets shit done. they don't do it irresponsably or when they have something important to do or just to get fucked up (all the time). they're pretty chill, and they can still have fun without weed.

    a pot-head on the otherhand is someone who lets the herb take over their life, instead of enhancing it. they smoke to get fucked up, and thats it. i mean smoking to get fucked up is alright, but when u start coming to school and work high everyday, and start spending all your money on weed, then ur a pot-head and u have a problem. pot-heads are also the kids who usually get into pills, and arent as chill as stoners, like they're less tolerant of other people. most people i consider pot-heads don't have the best hygine either...

    so am i right or am i right?
  2. You are correct, I agree.

    I'd rather not be labeled though. I don't like being called a stoner either, would rather just be someone who smokes weed. I'd rather be called a stoner than a pothead though
  3. marijuana user.
  4. I am saying you could be right.

    Because, it is all a matter of opinion and interpretation.

    Since there isnt a dictionary defining each word, people are left to interpret the meaning, which is what you and your friend did.
  5. i see what your sayin, but i kinda wish there was a set difference, because ther's definalty a huge difference between me and some of these other kids that smoke alot. really if your complaining about how hard highschool is, try coming in sober once in a while...
  6. i agree with you dude
  7. Then you are a pot-head/stoner, they are just losers.
  8. fuck both those names i consider em offensive labels that dipshits use
  9. This. I don't categorize my self, i live. Fuck bullshit stereotypes, they mean nothing.
  10. well i thought pothead was made up by ppl trying to insult people who smoke weed. and stoner just makes me think of someone whos stoned all day sttin on the couch or something. i really dont like ether, theyre both used as insults.
    i gues im still a pothead tho. like, slutty girls will say that slut just means sex enthusiast but theyre still sluts. so i guess im a cannabis enthusiast. hahah weed slut. hahahha
  11. I don't care what you call me as long as it's not 'sober'. :)

  12. When is the next review coming man?
  13. I post 3-5 everyday on MR.

    Been slacking on posting here on GC. I'll take care of you today for sure! :)

  14. Yea man, no doubt.

    IMO you have the best reviews on GC.
  15. Thank you.

    I have a great team working with me. Could not do it without them. :)

  16. well ive been on both side of the fence as a young kid i was a pot head
    i smoked all the time and did other drugs too
    but with age and maturity ive become a stoner
    i still smoke all the time but i dont do other drugs not even booze
    and i work and take care of my shit
    but i grow too so i think i would like to be labeled grower
    so i guess we got
    pot head
    but what about hippies
    would you consider them pot heads or stoners or should we give them a label too
    pot head
    and the 40 year old guy that waits till his wife and kids are gone and then smokes to pinches what is he
    thats not realy a stoner cuz he's not smoking enough to be a stoner
    maybe secret smoker
    pot head
    sec. smo.(you got to abbreviate secret smoker so its a secret):D
    so what other labels can you guys think of ill think of some more too
  17. Yeah definately your right op, but I would rather not be labeled as anything either, whenever someone does call me one of those however, I just laugh at their ignorance, and I take comfort in the fact that I consider myself a much better person than them, let me put it this way, smoking weed has made me so much more tolerable of other people, I generally tend to like people I haven't even met because I am a friendly person, things don't bother me that much anymore. The world would be a better place if everyone smoked weed, no wars, no mindless violence, no hypocrisy. Someday. :smoke:
  18. I have always liked Toker if I had to pick a label.
  19. ok so i think that we should put toker on the list
    thats for he people that dont like the other names
    but still toke if you toke your a toker
    if you happen to subcatorigizes with another label you would be
    a toker grower in my case
    although i dont think it would sond to smart if you tried one like
    im a toker pot head
    some one would be like "dude did you just say the same thing twice"lol
    another sub catogory would be scavenger(sub,. of pot head)
    the pot head that just travels around to all the tokers and dealers he knows just to smoke up with them for free then he moves on to the next
    so i guess sec. smo. should be a sub cat of stoner
    sooo we got
    pot head (scavenger,drug dumpster),and another one i just thought of
    basemant troll(also a pot head sub.) these are the kids that sit in there basemant and just smoke all day and listen to loud music draw on the cielings and punch holes in the walls
    then we got stoners with(sec.smo.,growers,skaters,)
    hippies with(hippies)lol
    medi(for the medical patiants)
    can yo think of any cat. or sub. cat.

  20. I dont mind being called a stoner. I smoke weed, therefore Im a stoner. I think that is the defintion. I think pothead though is for someone who does it all day everyday, which isnt me, and I wouldnt want to do it that much either. I agree with what others say where if you are a stoner you let weed enhance your life while if you are a pothead weed is your life. I would not want to be called a pothead because im not one. Therefore Im a stoner but not a pothead, so therefore there is a difference.

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