Pot has me really depressed about my girlfriends sexual past?

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  1. Hi, recently I've been getting really depressed because bad thoughts tend to linger when I smoke. Basically I'm bothered by my girlfriends past mostly when I smoke, when I'm sober I'm fine. I love my girlfriend more than anything in this world and I plan on marrying her, she's my soul mate and we love each other beyond words. I've told her her past bothers me but I'll still always love her. I'm scared weed will cause me to have psychosis or something and I'm just going to quit it entirely. Should I quit entirely? Before this I smoked a lot everyday for months
  2. How old are you?
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  3. Perhaps her past IS something to be concerned about?
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  4. Virgins don't last man.
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  5. True, but you also can't make a hoe a housewife.
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  6. What is her past? Too many partners or cheating? If its just the partners thing, that has nothing to do with you so try not to let it bother you. People do change. Not everyone but some do. Sometimes you have to go out on limb and trust someone. You risk getting hurt but if you are truly in love the reward is worth it.
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  7. Also, I see too many young guys invest too much into a relationship that wouldn't have lasted anyways.. invest in your future instead... a great woman will recognize.
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  8. First, you must fix your soul. Only then, should you let it fly.

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  9. There is nothing wrong with promiscuity. If a person is disease free it shouldn't matter what theyve done or with how many people
  10. truth.
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  11. It's the amount of partners she's had in the past when she was lost and alone. She had a really really rough and hard childhood, lots of abuse and other issues. I'm her first true love and she tells me this. The first to be in her bed and shower with her even. I really love her so much and I know she's loyal because we talk to each other literally 24/7 so that's not a problem. My mom tells me not to think of the past either, and that what matters is our future together. I shouldn't let the past bother me, you're right.
  12. I'm 21 I turn 22 in May.
  13. Have you tried talking to her about it? Holding in how you feel may do more damage to you then what actually bothers you. Tread lightly though. People can get offended or angry quick about issues like this.
  14. Yes I have several times, she just gets very sad and her tone completely changes when I bring it up, so I won't bring it up anymore. I guess I'm learning to accept it more now since I love her so much and the past is the past. Weed just brings out the pain in me... But I'll always love her regardless.
  15. Weed tends to make you overthink things, and her past shouldn't matter, especially if she gets sad when you bring it up. That shows regret, you will get past it.

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  16. If it's trippin' you out that badly, I'd really consider either smoking less, or abstaining entirely until you feel mentally 'comfortable' about this issue. Granted, with the right combo of low tolerance and stanky fire,it isn't uncommon to overdo it and be thinking too much into certain things. Point being, forcing yourself to be having that unpleasant experience while smoking repeatedly could lead to worse things mentally and emotionally, not to mention ruin the experience of weed in general.

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  17. I've had 3 buddies over the years who hooked up with chicks who had a promiscuous past. It bothered each of them.

    This sounds to me like it really does bother you as well on at least a subconscious level, and weed brings it out in the foreground. It is not allowing you to neglect what is an actual issue in your life with her. It also sounds like she's carrying some of her past with her, which only makes sense. Because this past was "dark" and she was lost, chances are it is still something that influences her character, how she behaves, and perhaps most fearfully, how she will behave in the future.

    While it is certainly possible to oversmoke in life, this doesn't seem like a weed issue, but a real life issue between people, brought out into the light by smoking and honest reflection.
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  18. The past is gone.
  19. It went by like dusk to dawn.

  20. I dont understand why her past brings you pain? Please explain. Are you worried about what others think or...?
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