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Pot Hangover

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Buzz, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Fellow stoners, do you ever feel a bit blurry after burning it the night before? I never feel hungover like I'd been boozing, but I definately feel a bit dulled.

    How about you? How long does your PH last? (That is, if you're ever straight long enough to notice.)
  2. My friend and I have smoked all night or just some really good sticky icky. Alot of times we dont feel it but sometimes we do and i love it. Its like a really good buzz... not a Blurry feeling but just feel good ( like being high but with out the floating feeling and not as much trippy thoughts) Most of the time i dont get it but when i first started i got it all the time but when i get now thats how i tell i had a really banging nite before. Another thing is it usually hits me right when i try to start working on something or having a conversation i realize i feel a little differant then usual but a good differant. I Guess thats what ya talking about or it just might be us.......
  3. Yea that happens to me some times. Although usually I'm always stoned so I don't really give it a chance to wear off...:)
  4. ya it can happen it happend to me a coule times i first started later
  5. Yeah, I've had pot hangovers before. They're not really that bad, but sometimes they make me feel a little groggy and just not quite able to focus.
  6. a few times indeed. but usually its either too slight to really notice or to pleasant to be concerned.

    the "hangover", as you put it, is never a concern when getting stoned. its basically non existant.

  7. Agreed. Its certianly less of a sensation (if noticable at all) than if I've had several drinks the night before...I'm just a bit curious what side effects other regular smokers feel.
  8. i get a headache sometimes after i smoke, so usually before i smoke i take some aspirin. works quite well
  9. on days when we would have 12 hour roadies going through an ounce or two i'd have a hang over the next morning (well, actually afternoon :p) when i'd wake up.

  10. You have obviously never had a brownie hangover!! They are intense, you can't get yourself to do anything!

    Anyone know what I'm talking about?

  11. exactley, i kind of like it.. usualy when i wake up and i havent smoked in a while i get it.. i dont mind it.. just kind of a waker upper

  12. smoke what?
    bud or hash?

    if its hash, and its in the UK then i'm 99.9999999% certain that its not the cannabis thats giving you the headache, its the other crap like solvents you're smoking thats to blame.

  13. "you can't get yourself to do anything!"

    so how would i be able to tell? :D

  14. No seriously though, I ate brownies for the first time one night around like 10 o'clock or so. I didn't get very messed up at all that night so I went to bed around 1 I guess. The next morning me, and everyone else who ate them, were fucking wrecked to all hell but in a very hard to describe way. All I can remember is feeling TOTALLY out of it, but not sick like an alcohol hangover would make me. I probably woke up around 11ish and I barely made it to work at 5! So never eat any pot food late at night if you don;t plan on staying up for quite a while.
  15. if your hash gives you a headache its cut, and cutting cannabis is bad,

    if your herb gives you a headache its probably got less than 2percent thc so its schwag

    if you dont drink any liquids (water, juice,etc) when you smoke dehydration could be causing your headaches.
  16. I always drink a lot of water/soda so I don't get redeye/dehydration/headaches.
  17. ya i get that every once in awhile. i got it right now
    i smoked some mad chron wiht a couple friends last night
    ..its never like throwing up head aches n shit

    its more like ur heads kinda foggy n cloudy u kno? atleast for me

    im gonna go hit my new bong n watch tv :p that should help..
  18. I love smoking right before you goto sleep and you wake up to a clear and almost heavenly morning? I love it, it makes me so fucking happy!

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