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  1. Personally, I have noticed that anybody (all walks of life) can be friends with anyone else if they smoke together. I feel as if it is a great unifier. For example, this guy who disliked me in high school (cant remember why or if i felt the same way) I saw him at a party and we smoked together and now weve chilled a few times haha.
    Do you guys agree or have stories like this?

  2. Any shared interest works this way, not just pot.
  3. No, if I fundamentally dislike someone and can't see them eye to eye, doing drugs with them isn't going to change that.
  4. People who are annoying and obnoxious are still annoying and obnoxious when they smoke.

    It's worse when u smoke around people like that cause they kinda blow my high tbh
  5. Everybody sucks. Fuck em all. I dunno. Is that ok? 
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    Weed makes me really forgiving and chill, like if I'm angry or depressed when I smoke it changes my perspective on the situation/person

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  7. it unifies the relationships I already have because we know we got a shared love for the mary j
  8. Friends? I hang out with a few select people. We met before we smoked together.
  9. People usually annoy me when I'm high...Which is why there is the few, the proud, the three friends too many.[​IMG]
  10. I have never smoked with a person I dislike. Maybe with people I don't care about, but I still didn't care about them while high.
  11. Yeah, college is a great indicator of that. I became friends with 3 star college athletes with offers from D1 Colleges all across the United States just because we both like to smoke weed. I think that's a wonderful thing
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    Lol all the people i consider friends i've known since i was little girl and we still smoke to this day lol all the time.

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