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  1. It is fair to say that a good percentage of the people of this country use cannabis. Whether it be for medicinal, recreational or religious purposes, marijuana users have never conceded to the government's claim that the herb is dangerous. Cannabis has been illegal in the US for over seventy years, with nearly 20 million arrests made since 1937. Surprisingly, this has not swayed the millions of Americans who chronically partake in the chronic.

    So where do these people work? There are thousands of companies who treat the employee use of cannabis outside of the workplace the same as employee alcohol use outside of work. Since alcohol contributes to over 100,000 deaths annually, it is ridiculous for an employer to discriminate against an individual based on their decision to a use a healthier alternative. Yet, many still do.

    If there were no "pot friendly" jobs, the nation would no doubt be slowed to a crawl, with no one to teach our children, staff our hospitals, entertain us or build our highways. (Just to name a few) How is it that while cannabis remains illegal, it also remains in the top cash crops of the US? It is the resilience of the true spirit of America. We are not all sheep. Some of us would rather live our lives based on our own set of morals and beliefs than a set of morals and beliefs handed down by a government who enslaved blacks, committed genocide on Native Americans and uses the globe as its nuclear playground.

    The trillion dollar toilet flush we call the war on drugs has been an obvious failure. We, as a people, have no other choice than to Outgrow Big Bro. We all need to stand up to and overcome the adversity imposed on us by Big Brother and society in general.

    We could lower gas prices, create jobs, heal the sick and even save the trees. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we could all get high, which is actually the least important factor. Remember? People do that already. So, one day we may live in a Utopian society, where all jobs are "pot friendly", but until then, we are still engaged in a struggle to free the weed.

    Check out http://www.potfriendlyjobs.com!

    Danks for reading!

    Outgrow Big Bro

  2. hell yeah. just read that article on hightimes
  3. I know you're intentions are decent, but this is spam.
  4. spam??? i foudn this site interesting

  5. Thats a damn good idea. Give weed to kids if they do their reading. Shit, I should be a teacher.
  6. um.... whats the deal with all the cop job postings on this site?
    don't they drug test there?
  7. spamtastic bros.
  8. cool links, i dont see how its spam, geez....
  9. this is a weed forum and if u would read the damn post you would see the guy is trying to tell you that if you like bud stand up for it. Instead some of you mother fuckers are just getting a free post or w/e by saying " hey hey its spam hey its spam". stfu

    and outgrowbigbro, i with you, we(pot smokers/supporters) do need to stand up against the government and do wat the blacks did and have like a million bud march or something.
  10. Yeah I saw doctors, nurses, and cops.

    I would not want any of those people doing drugs if they have those positions.

    Except for pot. And not while working, only on time when work won't come for another 5 hours at least.
  11. I know for a fact they drug test at target, idk why they post that up. I dont trust that site.
  12. Co sgn I hate assholes yo this is useful stuff
  13. I know i would of actually read books in High school if they did this... plus it would just give a new meaning to "HIGH" School
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    sounds great. Give unmotivated kids rewards for things they should be doing to better themselves! And well give em a reward thatll take the motivation out of em!!

    HOly contradictory statements batman

    edit: haha, and to top it off, the site is fuckin lame! It doesnt even hook u up with pot friendly jobs:
    \tO'Gara Hess Corporation is currently seeking experienced MIG Welders. Must have High School Diploma or GED.+++ Must pass a drug test and a police background check+++. Hrs: Mon-Fri 7:00-3:30... $14.00/hr

    epic fail
  15. my friends mom has smoked for her life basically
    shes a receptionist/secretary...sall good for her
  16. i want weed to be legalized as much as the next guy but i feel like if it were i wouldnt like it as much. i get a thrill and a rush from doing somthing i know is "bad" but at the same time not getting arested for it would be pretty dank
  17. forget about the job link, obviously theres some jobs in there to be skeptical about.

    but the second link is good

    this aint spam..he isnt selling shoes

    hes spreading the knowledge and where better than on one of the biggest if not biggest cannabis forum??:smoking::smoking:
  18. I know how you feel. Sometimes I wanna post here at GC about a website I think is great, or a new product I saw that I think is interesting, then someone calls it spam, or an Admin deletes it.

    I thought the whole point of the GC forum was so blades could get together and talk about our interests...Kind of hard to do sometimes with all the spam paranoia. :(
  19. Well the idea of all spam is to make it look interesting. However, interesting or not it is still spam.
  20. hey best spam ever

    been looking for a job

    they don't have anything for SF though


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