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Pot for depression

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by notelliot, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. I have anxiety & major depression. I have been taking perscriptions for this for 10 yrs. During that time I attempted suicide twice, was in a phyc hospital, slept almost all day, lost my job, almost lost my fiancee, AND had a grand mal seizure that almost killed me from all the perscribed meds I was on! I do not remember a couple of those years. I have been smoking weed for a year. During that time I finally feel "normal". I used to be anti any drug, but with my illness', it is the only thing that truely works.

    I really feel that if I had been perscribed medical marijuana, I would have never attempted suicide, or had a life threatening seizure.

  2. your friend has my exact problem, i went to the doctor did all that bs and i just didnt feel like me pot helps not saying i started useing it for a medication for it, i just use it for fun but it does help and its 1000 times better then just sitting tehre staring and not feeling good
  3. no no no your wrong, a depressent used in a drug-lingo does not mean it causes you to become depressed. Tell me this; retard means two things, you may be mentally-retarded, or to "retard" something means to decrease or slow it down etc, same with depress, it may mean depression or in the case of alcohol and Marijuana as "depressants" they slow down your ability to concentrate and process information...

  4. During the time that i smoke i feel great, but if i purchase an ounce and smoke it in about a week and stop after a few days without it i will have one day where i have huge depression and feel horrible any little thing makes me pissed.
  5. i have slight helps

  6. The part I bolded is total bullshit. Please don't spread that around; that one guy isn't the whole world. Just because that guy still killed himself doesn't mean it doesn't help anyone else and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't discredit the medical use of cannabis for depression based on one case... I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I hope I don't come across as angry because I'm not.
  7. I completely agree.

    I have Bipolar disorder (aka: manic depression, BP), and anxiety disorder. I started smoking recreationally, and began to notice the positive effects it was having on my Bipolar disorder and anxiety. Smoking marijuana two to three times a week regulates me more than any of my other meds ever did. I finally feel 'normal' and relaxed most of the time; I'm happy to be off the less effective legal meds, which have adverse side effects.

  8. Me too. It's strange but the overall mood lifting effects of dope last way longer than the high. Even when I'm not smoking, if I've smoked within the last 24 hours my mood is way better, I'm in general more upbeat.
  9. Are there any drugs stronger or more effective than weed to help with depression? Like shrooms or maybe some acid?
  10. no, but if you wanna trip go for it.
  11. you shouldn't really be doing acid with any form of mental disorder..
  12. I'm just in HS, haven't taken bio in 3 years, and the memory isn't too great (thanks MJ) BUT if I remember correctly . . .

    A depressant DOES NOT make you depressed. It's a word that doctors love to use when talking about drugs that they don't want people to use. The definition of a depressant is something that slows you down, not something that makes you depressed. Huge differece.

    :lowering or tending to lower functional or vital activity
    :an agent that reduces bodily functional activity or an instinctive desire
    :a drug that reduces excitability and calms a person

    If I'm wrong, please let me know.
  13. weed is a euphoric (feel good) and a hallucinogen.Some weed will stimulate you some will put you to sleep.But ALL will make you feel good and the best will make you hallucinate.Power to the People!!!! :smoke:
  14. I 'm glad to read other people's accounts of their depression and weed. I've been taking meds for depression for about 8 years now. I was physically depressed since high school and didn't get treatment til I was in my mid 30's. I smoked weed in college and it made things worse. I think I smoked to much because I didn't know how to use it. So I quit for many years and started up again a few years ago.

    Even with meds, my thoughts hurt and I can get very down on myself. When I smoke a little, I can have the same hurtful thoughts, but they feel pleasent and it makes me feel unique & good about what I am. I try to remember what it's like when I'm not high when I get the same hurtful thoughts. It's best for me to smoke about 3 times a week, otherwise I lose the positive affects and feel physically hungover.

    Weed is probably not for everyone with depression, but it has helped me. Thanks for for your stories and keep them coming as I'm sure others will benefit from hearing them too!

    Take Care All!
  15. i done been through some hard times at a young age and growing up, things u dont get to feel or see till u are a adult but iam very wise and street because of this but i have suffered with depression and anger managment,the weed is no cure or the meds but its a hopper long casidy,i could never get mad at someone when iam stoned i just melt away and be at peace,but weed like meds weres off and tommorow is a new day,deppression u have to work at and control with some help but its hard! like someone said each case is diffrent, a few drinks and a smoke at the end of the day keeps me as i should be but i do have a anger problem :mad: weed can help in lots of ways but u are a fool if u beleive it has no bad side effects! just do what u need to do be happy but dont do that by hurting others or animals.:)
  16. I'm manic depressive, and weed helps my symptoms. It doesn't make the rain go away permanently, but helps me ride out the storm, you know what I mean?

    I just sounded like a hippie.

    Anyway, I started smoking because of nerve problems, depression/anxiety, and when I realized that weed gave me more help in 5 minutes of toking than weeks and weeks and weeks of waiting for scripts to get in my system, I haven't stopped yet. It has a lot of medical uses that are overlooked, but obvious. I mean, euphoria is a common effect of cannabis, so naturally it's going to do SOMETHING for depression and anxiety.

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