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    Scroll down on the link given there is an interesting video on their site that I cannot post
  2. Why wouldnt they have built a greenhouse instead of a factory? With a remote control dome like at a football stadium. I dont get it....
  3. It is more like a laboratory. It is supposed to be completely sterile and no risk of mold or anything similar. Check out the vid if you haven't.
  4. I can't imagine the heat from all those lights! I have worked in a few warehouses with normal energy needs and the 3rd tier of racking is usually 10-20 degrees hotter than the ground level. With all those lights (even cooltubes) they will be looking at much hotter temps!
  5. LED's would remove the heat and lower the electrical bill. Add sky lights for the natural light available and grow cost would be significantly reduced.
  6. They did say one of their goals was a low carbon footprint. If they make it with LED's, solar panels, etc. I would be happy.

    I just hope they only grow dank. And have a decent price. Nobody wants mids.

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