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Pot cut with ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by h1xxx, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I have been smoking for a while, im not an amatuer but I also wouldnt consider myself an expert. The other day this chick I know picked up some weed from her ex-boyfriend and we smoked it, it was the craziest shit ive ever smoked. Ive smoked hash before and this put me on my ass even more than hash. I packed the bowl and the weed didnt look any different than anything else but there just had to be something else in this shit, there is no way normal dank would put me on my ass twice as hard as hash could it? If something was mixed in with it what could it have been? There definitly wasnt anything I could visibly see in or on the weed. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I really dont think this regular weed would fuck me up waaaay more than smoking hash, and thats what happened. My friend was suuuuper fucked up too.
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    i've smoked Hash and Opium. could've been that, or could've been really good hash! :smoke:

    EDIT: after re-reading a few times(i'm not sober), i realized you're not smoking hash...i fail.
    you sir, smoked dank.
  3. wellll jsut cause its hash dont mean its better then dank over the summer there was alot of hash going 20 a g around here and apprently it was like half hash half resien. gross eh? and ive deffinatly gotten better dank then the hash ive smoked, witch hasnt all been reseinated hash. probly ur homies jsut got the dank hook ups yo
  4. Yea i doubt anything was in it.

    O and i like the second persons quote, i was reading that thread the other day, haha made me laugh pretty hard
  5. dude i saw that thread too the other day. but i was high when i was reading it so it didnt make sense to me at all and i was jus like "what i dont get it" at first. but now that i'm sober and re-reading it it's pretty funny :)

    to the OP, i know how you feel man i just got some weird stuff the other day that made me get higher than i have ever been before. dunno if it was laced or anything, as far as i could tell it was just quality stuff haha

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