Pot browny, meet mother.

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  1. So I'd love to share with you all one of the funniest moments of my life involving weed. I assure you this is all true.

    So me and my neighbor (both 19 Y/O) are very close. My family and his are also very close, they come over to dinner at least once a week. About a month ago me and Ricky (nieghbor) decide to make weed muffins. My parents were out of town for about 2 days, so it presented to perfect opurtunity. All went well and we ended up with 2 trays of of muffins, 12 muffins on each tray. I hand them over to Ricky who stashes them in his house for the time being, and we head out to meet up with a few other friends, bringing a few muffins with us to try them out.

    So here's what happened while we were out: Rickys mother (who is VERY against weed and has never tried it) wanders into rickys room. She opens up one of his cabinets where the muffins were hidden and sees them. Apparantly she was hungry, because she ate not one, but two of our fresh weed muffins. (Take a second to think how weird it is that a mother comes into the sons room, finds muffins wrapped in tinfoil hidden in a cabinet, then eats two).

    We come home a few hours later to see his mother being taken into an ambulance that she had called because she had NO idea what the fuck was going on with her. Apparantly she was driving to the post office when it kicked in, and she quickly turned around and went home. She sat at home for about 15 minutes getting higher and higher until she called and ambulance because she thought she was dying.

    At the hospital the docters quickly figured out that she was simply high as a kite, and asked her if she ever smokes marijuana. She was outraged at the question and yelled back ''never in my life''. The docter told her she had quite a large amount of THC in her.
    Sure enough she figured out that those muffins she ate weren't just regular muffins, good thing we moved them over to my house before she came in to throw them out.

    Marijuana - 1 ---- Crazy lady - 0

    PS: These muffins were the dank. Ricky and I each ate one when we went out and we could barely speak to eachother. God knows how 2 muffins on a lady with 0 tolerance felt.
  2. lol bro thats fuckin insane. +rep for a fantastic sunday afternoon story.
  3. That definately made me laugh. I love hearing stories about unsuspecting people with a rumbling in their tummies consuming thc-laced edibles...

  4. Good story man. + rep :hello:
  5. dang. that's crazy. haha
  6. Hahahhaa high as shit, and that was fucking funny.
  7. hahaha this had me rollin.
    great story dude.
    today i got off of a 1 1/2 week t-break and am glad i got to read that.
  8. god damn dude. lol. pisses me off that i STILL have yet to eat any potent edibles.

    but thats hilarious
  9. OMFG, thats so fucking great, LMAO i can totally imagine her calling 911 and then the ambulence coming and shit. musta been a crazy story for your friend to explain to his fucking MOM. good story anyways
  10. WOW
    thats amazing
    that story is highlight of my day
  11. HOLY FUCK she must have been high as SHIT!!!

    Damn. I remember when two hits would put my ass on a rocket to the moon. I can't imagine a first timer eating two of those sum bitches!
  12. The only thing that sucks is now she probably thinks weed is insane cuz she got so dam high
  13. But what happened to Ricky??
  14. You're lucky you didn't get arrested for trying to poison ricky's mom.
  15. pics or it didn't happen
  16. HAHHAHA AWESOMEEE, amazing story bro

    by the way, it was not a brownie then..it was a muffin//:p
  17. something similar happened to me..i made some brownies for the first time with about an oz and had em cooling on a rack, my mom who is totally against marijuana came from work..hungry i guess..i saw her goin for it but i didnt bother to tell her cuz..i thought it would be funny..well she had a good sleep

    lol after she ate it i asked her how it tasted and her reply was that they were too sweet..they WERE sweet indeed
  18. Lmfao, I bet the docs got a good laugh once they started questioning her about what she did that day and when she mentioned that she ate 2 muffins they prolly giggled. Lol im giggling right now.:D

    great story

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