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Pot Brownies?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Telebubbies, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Hey guys. I have never made an edible in my life. And this weekend I am going to try and make some pot brownies for the family :)
    So in total, I will need to get 4 people stoned, including myself. Anyone got some good recipes? I have about 10 grams of weed available (if I need more, I can get). And with your recipes, roughly how long does it last for you?

  2. 10 grams ? please dont put all of that for the brownies :lmafoe:
  3. What do you mean? Too much or too little..?
  4. Edibles require that the herb be decarboxylated before eating to activate the THC. Otherwise the edible won't be noticeably psychoactive. The simplest method is to use an oven or toaster oven with an independent oven thermometer, and roast the herb @ 240 F for 40 minutes. Unfortunately, after decarb, the baking will degrade thc, and the longer and/or hotter, the more degradation. If it's not decarbed before baking, there's no guarantee that baking will decarb correctly.

    The simplest thing you can do is to decarb the herb, grind it to powder in a coffee grinder, mix into the oil of any box brownie mix, and follow the recipe. The baking will destroy some thc, but maybe not too much. No-bake brownies will be more potent, but I can't say how much more. I've recently been using some Betty Crocker cookie mixes that bake 8-10 min @ 350-375 F, and haven't noticed much thc degradation.

    The one thing I strongly recommend against is trying to make cannabutter first. It's not easy, and will reduce the potency by about 50%, but the brownies will taste a little better.

    Dosage is another issue. Assuming accurate decarb, and good 15% thc herb, that 10 grams will contain about (0.15)*(10,000 mg) = 1,500 mg thc. If it is used in a brownie box mix that makes 16 brownies, then each will contain (15,000 mg thc)/16 = 94 mg thc, which is a huge dose for new users. 1/8 of such a brownie would exceed the Colorado dose of 10 mg. For my fairly low tolerance friends, I'd probably use half the herb, and then each of 16 brownies would contain about 50 mg. Then they could nibble on 1/4 or 1/2 before trying the whole thing. Using 2.5 g instead of 5 g will reduce potency by half again, and each brownie would be about 24 mg.

    These will take at least an hour to kick in, so don't be fooled into eating an overdose when nothing happens quickly. Overdoses can be very scary, but not directly dangerous.
  5. Gee ..I thought cooking the cookies would offer some decarboxylated weed..?

    the excess heat cooking the cookie
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  6. Agree man.... the highest I've ever been was homemade hot chocolate before school when I was younger.... I'd spend a few hours before hand cooking it in some butter chocolates milk and cream and it definitely worked without being decarbed.

    And just and FYI... the 10mg dose in Colorado is pretty damn low lol imo... I personally can drink the 100mg juices smoke some caviar and be fine.
  7. Yes, baking will decarb, but unpre
    You decarbed it when you heated it, but probably inefficiently.
    Decarb in oil, or during baking is not well investigated, and most edible makers decarb in air, because air decarb has been well investigated.

    There are two choices when baking brownies:
    (1) Bake without prior decarb, and hope the baking process decarbs accurately.
    (2) Decarb accurately before baking, and hope the baking process doesn't destroy too much thc.
    I have zero experience with (1), and limited experience with (2), but have much more faith in (2).
    No bake, or short bake edibles using ground, decarbed herb overcomes these worries.
  8. Try Betty Crocker triple fudge brownie mix sometime. Best brownie mix ever, uses a generous amount of oil too.
  9. When baking, the internal temp of your baked goods does not reach the temp you're baking at. You shouldn't have much if any degradation of your herb unless you're cooking for an extended amount of time. Good luck and enjoy!

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