Pot brownies

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by My_Foots_Asleep420, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. At work punping gas and some old dude came in and just handed me a pot brownie now im stoned pumping gas its fun
  2. Lol that's awesome, not sure if I'd take any food from a random person. Glad it worked out though bro! Cheers
  3. same here lol

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  4. The old guy drugged it. Now its more than his foot thats asleep. He prolly the old dudes sex slave now. Chained up in a basement getting his arse pumped :/

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  5. I should have clarified it lol hes a regular comes in every night ive smoked at work with him too so its a trusted source
    no no arse pumping going on for this guy lol
  6. I worked as a gas attendance last summer. I was only 19 and in college so I would always rake in the tips....and buy weed with it.

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  7. LoL .. hey ive had a weed brownie .. i had a pal at work gimmie one durin a holiday season .. so i ate half at work & saved the other half & Wow .. I wuz on da floatin tip for a minute ..

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