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Pot brownies made with coconut oil

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by JenniFromDaBlock, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. What is the shelf life for brownies made with cannabis coconut oil (not infused butter).
    I always freeze mine, but was curious about the shelf life if simply kept in a tupperware?
  2. @JenniFromDaBlock
    Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial so they'll last far longer then say butter based ones. Your still likely to have them dry out and get hard more then anything else with extended storage.
    Chuck em in a bowl with some cream if they get to chewy to tackle dry.
    Double wrap each brownie in saran wrap and then stack them in Tupperware should do best.

    I've left Coconut oil hash caps under the seat of the work truck for over 6 months through the summer and they were just fine.
  3. Big difference between oil caps and baked goods. Don't keep brownies (or anything else) around longer because they were made with coconut oil, especially if they come from a box mix.
  4. I had a brownie made with cannabutter sit in tupperware on the counter for over a month or so and I ate it. I didn’t get sick at all but I didn’t feel the effect much (I’m about 90% sure that’s just a tolerance thing though) it was dry and not the most enjoyable thing to eat. But as a man once said, “fuck it”
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  5. Yeah my concern was loss of potency,...and also at what point they weren't "safe" to eat after sitting for awhile. Luckily in my home it's just me & my hubby so I can keep edibles in the freezer without worrying about anyone else eating them, but I gave a few to a friend who is a lot younger and still lives at home, so he can't freeze them because he doesn't want him mom to find them ;) I told him they'd probably last for a week tops without being kept in the freezer, and I think he was bummed hoping he could keep them longer. I don't think his concern was being stale, but moreso losing potency OR chemically breaking down where they are unsafe to eat due to mold or whatever. They were made with refined coconut oil and YES, a box mix.
  6. Potency won't change for several months or longer.
    I think they'll dry faster then they'll mold. Sugar is another antimicrobial like coconut oil is.
    If they don't visibly look of mold or smell off power them down is my 2 cents.
  7. He has to travel for NYE to see his girlfriend, and can't toke since he'll be at her parents house. So I gave him the brownies since he can just bring them in her house. He was curious as to whether or not they'll still be safe to eat in 3-4 weeks without being frozen.
  8. Double layered in saran wrap they should be fine for a month.

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