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Pot at Graduation? (Need urgent help!)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sour Kush, May 27, 2010.

  1. I am going to my cousion's graduation. He will already be in the gym by time I get there. I am going to spend the night with him. Anyway, I am taking 10 grams with me to smoke him up, I have the pot in my bag, 5 bounty sheets wrapped and taped around it.

    I plan on putting my bag in his truck and just going in. Is this a good idea? Thanks!
  2. yeah sounds good man or jus idk put it in a plastic cup or airtight jar idk a screw on cap or something or baggie to cover the smell better... good luck!
  3. Make sure you put it in the cab, not the bed. Less chance of getting ripped off, but maybe I'm just paranoid.
  4. Just make sure you cover up the smell. Stick it in a baggy and wrap it in a sock? That usualy works for me...
  5. yea man sounds good to me. if its in the truck in the parking lot then no one will be able to smell it unless u got like 10 pounds of dank.
  6. Imo, paper towels won't really inhibit the smell at all since its so thin lol... i think aluminium works better?
  7. use dryer sheets if your worried about the smell

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