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    Hello, its 4:41 where i'm at and i just took a rip off my sherlock bubbler with some Strawberry cough i just picked up. I was just wondering as i will be starting my first grow in a BB in my new house, how many of you growers have pets and how do they react to MJ any funny stories or anything about your plants and pets.

    Thanks alot


    I will be having 2 cats in my house when i grow.

  2. haha my dog loves tha stuff everytime she hears tha lighter click she comes runnin lmao
  3. Great but how do they like your plants?
  4. my dog hasnt had a problem... I didnt let him get near them as a puppy, and he wont get too close to them now. A wonderful look but dont touch approach.

    Hes a siberian husky too, so large breeds arent a problem
  5. u dont want hairy pets next to near your grow....they carry all sortsa shit thats harmless to them but would love to get their munchers into your plants !!!
  6. Cats will eat that shit like catnip right off the plant lol. Some of them like to smoke tho lol. My buddy got a cat that chills on top the couch by our heads when we blaze up, he sees the baggie come out and he's ready to burn. He's pretty chill. I think its cause we talk to him like he's human instead of just commands or "baby talk" like some people do. Coolest cat I know.
  7. ^Cats definitely will eat the plants, some dogs will too. Keep them away.
  8. some cats and other pets will try to dig in the dirt. my ferrets got into my clone chamber a few weeks back and killed my ATF and purple urkle clones. MAN was I pissed!
  9. Shedding pets can be a pain in the ass too, especially when you're close to harvest. You carry their hair on your shirt and your fan blows the hair off you onto your prized cola.....and it sticks big time. Then when you're manicuring, you try to pull the effin little hairs outta the buds with sticky ass fingers, and.........well, you get the picture...lol.
  10. ^^^^^6Try manicuring first. Then wash hands and go back and pick the hairs out. lol.
  11. cought my cat swatting a haze plant. threw him across the house. at least he gots good tatse ;)
  12. i have 4 cats they all love the stuff everytime i smoke in my room they are literally scratching on the door.. but yeah i flippen hate the hair issue every single plant i grow has hair in the buds...=(
  13. I do not let my pets anywhere near my grow room! Thats just asking for trouble,I read a post on here a few weeks ago about a cat wrecking a grow.

    I have pets but they know that my grow room is off limits. Ive never found pet hairs on any of my plants but still manage to get dog hair in every joint I roll!
  14. your lucky man the couch right outside my room is close to the intake and my cat sleeps there but i guess i could put a screen over it idk i'm lazy and i guess i've gotten use to it
  15. That is so funny!!! I don't know why, must be this blunt! My intake comes from outside giving nice fresh air. Ive never had intake from inside the building so have never even thought of that problem.
  16. I have a very large dog. He's not llowed anywhere near the room for his safety and for the health and well being of my plants. There's plenty of wires, electricity , a/c, fans to top over plants and wreck them. So my boy's and girls' sakes I separate the two.

    A few years back I used to go out with this chica that had a little bichon/poodle. He used to wait till we're sleeping and raid our stash. One time he ate over an 1/8thm got the munchies and jumped on the dining table (dont ask me how) and ate a ton of chocolate. Needless to say he was sick for the next two days.
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