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Pot and loud sounds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeffers242, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I get these really loud sounds. Like background sounds, tv fan ect. It is so loud it's almost like a heavy piece of machinery right next to my ear. I get it a lot even the morning after smoking. And once I got it weeks after smoking while zoning out at some music. Is that normal? I know pot enhances your senses.
  2. i found that when i smoke up, i turn down the tv...drastically turn down the tv.

    for some reason when i am smoking it seems excessively loud.
  3. It definitely enhances everything you hear, thats why music sounds so much better when you are high.
  4. Thanks I was just wondering because i have it pretty strong everything from crickets to air conditioners are so loud it's really really crazy. Right now I am kinda a noob with my tolerence and I got some crazy dank ass stuff will this lessen as I build a tolerence and more experience Because right now its so loud it's almost uncomfortable though I am kinda getting used to it.
  5. Haha sounds like me, when I'm really blazed off a good sativa I get audio hallucinations that sketch me out when I smoking at night outside.
  6. When i'm Stoned i gotta turn the tv up lol. Maybe i'm just weird. But if i smoke and like i go somewhere with little kids playing, i'll trip so fucking hard i'll almost start crying
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    Yea I found that too, such as with turing down the tv and things seeming louder. I am not sure if it really is because it is enhancing or amplifying that which you do hear, or just because you are slightly more paranoid and aware of sounds
  8. [quote name='"ChefReefer"']When i'm Stoned i gotta turn the tv up lol. Maybe i'm just weird. But if i smoke and like i go somewhere with little kids playing, i'll trip so fucking hard i'll almost start crying[/quote]

    I have to turn the TV up too. It's like my ears are filled with static and everything sounds farther away.
  9. Yeah whenever I smoke everything sounds like its right next to me when I'm in a room where there's no TV
  10. This sounds exactly like my situation when I first started. I've built up a bit of a tolerance now, but I still notice the overpowering sounds all the time.
  11. alright guys, here's what happens when you smoke weed-the right part and left part of your brain do not work in unison. Therefore, sounds from your left ear and right ear will register in your brain at slightly different times. This means that sounds will sound wider to you (especially with headphones on) and have more depth, as your brain will be able to analyze each signal, versus it arriving in one signal.
  12. :confused:

    Smoking weed alters perception, obviously how you perceive sounds can be altered.

    I'd LOOOVE to see where you got this information from.
  13. I could walk a mile in my neighborhood and still hear that dog barking in the background.
  14. Doesn't Marijuana intensify and enhances your senses?

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