Pot and jazz

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by jazzman88, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Any jazz musicians out there who would like to talk about THC's effect (if any) on their playing?
  2. I'm a huge jazz fan, although I've never been skilled enough at playing a traditional jazz instrument (piano, sax, trumpet, etc.) to perform the style. I'm much better at playing guitar, but I suppose you're more interested in talking to actual jazz musicians rather than run-of-the-mill guitarists like me. :)

    By the way, be prepared for this thread to be moved to the Music Forum.

  3. i like your avatar. greatest man to barely live, yet live so much

    And Lennon, and Morrison.
  4. well as most of you know the jazz movement was very much into marijuana. they go hand in hand

  5. The jazz musicians with which most people are familiar abused heroin. Charlie Parker started the trend, and people like Miles Davis and Stan Getz followed suit because EVERYONE wanted to be like Charlie. Marijuana was the drug of choice for the audience, not the performers.

    Not that it matters, but I find improvisation much easier after I've smoked. I'm pretty familiar with blues scales, so I *guess* it's similar to jazz...sort of.

    Namynam: Jimi was the most naturally gifted guitarist ever. Of course, part of the aura that surrounds him exists only because he died so young.

    I wish he, Jim, and John were still around. I might actually consider forking over $300 for a ticket to see Paul and John perform together. Paul without any other Beatles is a fucking travesty, though.
  6. lots of jazz musicans smoked bud back when it as still legal. they called them selves vipers or something? i dunno.

    where would rock be without jazz. n where would jazz be without pot. thank god for pot.

    louis armstrong smoked so much pot ..just look at him

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  7. LOL poor bastard had no idea what he was geting himself into

  8. uhm, MJ was and still is a drug of choice among the musicians, FARRRRRRRR more than Heroin. Although heroin was very very popular in the 40s 50s and 60s for jazz musicians, MJ was being used in the 20s and 30s before the heroin craze, and is still used today after the heroin craze by jazz musicians.
  9. ...listen to phish.

    nuff said
  10. moved to music hall!
  11. Im a guitarist and just getting into blues and jazz I cant wait to start toking up and playing shows

  12. Yep, I agree that it's the drug of choice among musicians now. I was just saying that most of the artists that come to mind to most people when someone mentions jazz did heroin. It's really sad, but true.
  13. i play guitar and i've been playing for about 5 years. i am just now starting to get my shit together enough to make the jump from blues and funk to jazz. its a whole new world, and i really want to go there, but it just takes so much more work than what im used to.

    i've got to really get my scales down cold, and really work on my sight reading. neither of which is an easy task on guitar, because guitar is an instrument which sort of encourages the player to think in intervals rather than actual notes.

    personally, im not sure whether marijuana helps me musically or not. i come up with some pretty crazy shit when im high, but honestly i dont think its as good as the stuff i can write when im sober. usually its just extremely out or totally offbeat rhythmically.

    its cool stuff, and i try to remember it, but usually when i try to repeat it afterwards when im sober, it just doesn't groove. i can usually remember how it went and play it again, but it just doesn't feel right. i guess its just too wacky, so i can't get the feel of it once im no longer in that state of mind.
  14. jazzman, what instrument(s) do you play?

  15. UMmm, talking about jazz here. I like phish, but its so typical of the phish crazed youth to do soemthing like post a message saying to listen to phish in a jazz thread.

    I can't say much about playing jazz, but I love listening to jazz when high. It's really one of the most amazing genre's of music. My favorites are Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

    I'm also sure everyones seen those "Demon Reefer and Evil Jazz" signs from back in the day.
  16. Phish has a lot of songs that are jazz-fusion
    listen to run like an antelope
  17. I think the musical freedom that jazz represents is really amazing, however, i find it hard to say that improvisation is better than a superbly crafted and written song. I guess there just too different to compare. One is an act of spontanaity and the other of careful planning and orchestration.

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