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Pot And Anxiety

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vap3dg00ds, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Do any of you use pot to alleviate your anxiety?(If you have it)

  2. I used to. When I was getting medical quality that is. Now I'm pretty much fucked. :cry:
  3. oh of course, id be on crazy amounts of doctor provided unmentionables if i couldnt self medicate with bud
  4. I am on crazy amounts of unmentionables because I don't have enough weed to self med. Dude yes omg yes lots of peps do this don't feel strange. Good luck anxiety sucks big fat D!@&. I know it well.
  5. Not only do I use it for anxiety.
    It is the ONLY thing that has successfully treated it.
    I've been on all kinds of anti-anxiety meds, and not a single one of them has ever helped as much as a nice bong rip does.
  6. Totally make sense if you do any self informing or read a little about pot the great and powerful you will see lots of stories about people healing themselves with it including anxiety. Personally I love weed as an anti-anxiety med just don't recomend this for new users because it has  a tendency to have an adverse reaction.
  7. I've accidently overdosed and almost died 3 times in my young life from doctor prescribed medications to treat my anxiety, none of which helped whatsoever, only had terrible symptoms and caused some side effects you wouldn't BELIEVE.

    Cannabis is the closest thing to helping my anxiety anything has ever done. In Moderation though. 

    Happy toking :)
  8. true moderation can be the key.. personally I just smoke till I feel better but that is not for everyone lol so yes moderation.    :smoke: 

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