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pot and anxiety attacks?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kyekush, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. For the past few months I've been having lots of anxiety attacks and bouts of depression and I was just curious would smoking help keep these problems under control?
  2. for some it helps, for some it exacerbates the problem, try it out and see what works for you.

    good luck
  3. ^^ i agree with what he said also^^
    additionally, i might add that i can be compassionate about your situation. I myself, have very bad anxiety (mostly in settings with alot of people around). I have discovered, for myself atleast, that some strains of pot Increase my already-existent anxiety, and other strains seem to help tremendously. For example, if i smoke some Sweet Tooth, its going to make me feel more anxiety, paranoia, etc. If i smoke AK-47, it really helps with my social behavior, making me more outgoing and less anxious in a scenario where i would normally be freaking out. so.. my suggestion would be: try obtaining small amounts of various strains of bud until you find what works best for your brain chemistry. Hope that helped :wave:
  4. Yeah what they said is pretty spot on! I would first try it when your "not" having an anxiety attack. Try it with some friends and enjoy your self.. And once you know what the feeling is like. Keep some on hand for when you do have an anxiety attack

    It works for me. So I am going to say YES! :D
  5. It made mine way worse... I tried a load of different strains but ended up settling with a small daily dose of pharmaceuticals, tried staying natural but it just wasn't working with my brain chemistry.
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    I went through this after my father passed away and i was hitting the bottle hard, which made it a 1,000 times worse. Anxiety and depression is something that can be worked through in many different ways. I myself no longer suffer from it, but for about 6 months to a year it was complete hell. Weed helped me overcome my anxiety because it taught me to let go and not be so apprehensive about everything. Anxiety is self perpetuating, meaning it feeds off of the thought of its existence in the first place. So for example, you may have anxiety about something subconscious or something you are very aware of and that triggers severe anxiety and even panic attacks. Well after you have experienced this you start to fear having anxiety and not knowing how to control it can cause a feeling of helplessness and depression that seemingly nobody understands. It sucks, it really does.

    Ive found that alone time and meditation/prayer or any alone time to self reflect on yourself and your problems can greatly reduce anxiety. You have to remember that only you can feed that monster and only you can kill it. Medication does help but it will only subdue the symptoms, and it wont take care of the root problem.

    As far as weed is concerned, i would try smoking and having some alone time. Weed is so amazing for finding perspective. Realize that anxiety and depression can stem from trying to control everything that we think of as negative, so try and simply let and not only enjoy your high but do yourself a favor and let go of everything that bothers you.

    Anxiety is a deeply personal issue that should not be looked upon as a weakness, rather its a natural part of our makeup for a reason. Anxiety in the right situation is meant to help us, it boils down to our primal instincts of survival. People who suffer from these issues tend to be very cerebral minds by nature and are more prone to the over thinking of things that makes situations overwhelming. The worst thing we can do though is dwell and feel victimized by our emotions because that is when it turns into feelings of despair, and this makes everything bad. I fucking hate anxiety and sympathize for everyone that suffers from an excessive amount.

    Next, do what they refer to as "cognitive behavioral therapy" this essentially is like taking the cd out of your mind that's playing all the negative tracks through your head and replacing it with a cd that plays happy thought and feelings. Meditate on everything that you have in your life that you love. The power of positivism is HUGE. These are just the things that helped me though. Hope you can work through it. :wave:

  7. i used to get worse when i smoked... but then i just kept saying to myself...its all in my head.

    eventually i got better with it.
  8. WOW. You Sir, get a +rep for sure.
  9. I got my club card for anxiety and the bud works better than any prescription drug i had tried in the past. However my gf also suffers with anxiety and for her the weed seems to make it worse and trigger anxiety attacks. It is different for everyone but it may be worth a shot. It has made my life much more enjoyable and i feel normal again. If i were ypu i would try to talk with a therapist first and ask him what his views on medical pot are because you may be shocked to hear what he has to say. I know i was
  10. pot actually makes my anxiety // depression worse. and it's easy to start throwing hundreds of bucks away every week for it because you generally feel like shit, but it's not a smart path to go down.

    i think people should only smoke weed to enhance joy, not to mask depression.
    the thing is i don't even follow my own advice, and right now i couldn't give a shit about anything if i tried. it's really not cool.
  11. It really all depends on the person really... But I dont have a problem caring about things even though I am depressed and meticate with weed! I spend way to much money on weed but I still get my bills paid and have gas and food.. So really.. It depends on the person. I end up being high most of my day though but I have no problem caring about certain things like art, people, etc. As long as you have some other outlets to focus on. And not JUST smoking pot... Do something WHILE you smoke.. :D

    Depression sucks guys! Weed has helped a bit for me.. But its better to face things head on :D just gotta pull your self out of it!

  12. omg your amazing i have bad anxiety so bad i have panic attacks almost everyday and i notcied i can only smoke pot in the morning and at night i cant cos thats where my anxiety is at its peak and it dose suck it sucks so much :(

  13. i totally feel you, its a viscous cycle, but it gets better trust me.

  14. yes finally someone on this planet knows what im going threw :)

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