Pot activists rip Kellogg Co. for dropping Phelps

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by tokin86, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Good Job Guys! :hello::smoking:

    Pot activists rip Kellogg Co. for dropping Phelps

    Source: http://www.foxnews.com/wires/2009Feb10/0,4670,KelloggBacklash,00.html
  2. This disgusts me.

    No thanks, I'll continue to enjoy my Corn Flakes. Their decision not to renew his sponsorship is entirely their prerogative. He did something that obviously did not mesh well with Kellogg's corporate policy and now he's facing the consequences.

    Enough with the "us vs. them" attitude. Just because we all smoke pot does not mean that we all need to subscribe to what is (in my opinion) an extremely narrow world view.

    everybody needs to get a grip on reality and find a cause to champion that actually matters.
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    What is wrong with boycotting a company because of their actions? What do you think activism is? Protests, Boycotts, the spread of knowledge. Boycotting is a peaceful way to show your disgust or that you disagree with the company. It is better than other alternatives (Violence and rioting).

  4. Nothing at all wrong with that, when it is justified. In my opinion, this particular case doesn't warrant it.

  5. While I agree with your statement, boycotting a company as large as kellogg's for something like this could put thousands of people out of jobs... which is not what we need more of with our economy at what it is today.
  6. lol this is useless Kelloggs doesn't give a flying fuck

  7. You are right about that, from an economic standpoint it would be a bad idea, but do you think Kellogg's would let it get to the point to where they had to let thousands of people go? Sure seems like a lot to lose over a little pot. Maybe they will understand that it just isn't worth it.



  8. Oh, so it's okay for the company not to drop him when he was convicted of a DUI charge. Makes sense, of course! :rolleyes:

  9. Dude, it got an almost pro-pot report by Fox news. FOX NEWS + PRO WEED never has been seen before. If only for extra media attention to weed, this is doing something.

  10. Sigh, don't you see this issue, at its core, has much more to it then just a dried flower. Kelloggs had no problem signing Phelps up after a DUI, but a picture with him smoking something less harmful then drinking alcohol causes them to not renew his sponsorship; this is disgustingly hypocritical. Do you not see the insanity in this? I can tell you Kelloggs does not give a fuck if you drink kerosene; the reasons for their dropping are unjustifiable, and to someone who partakes of MJ, insulting.
  11. Dude, you can't eat the off-brand cornflakes at Frys for like 2 months?
  12. ..qft
  13. I really liked the brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts......... Toaster Strudels it is then.

    I'm glad this is at least getting some coverage.
  14. lol as if kellogs gives a flying fuck that a group of stoners arent buying frosted flakes. theyre a multi-million dollar company

  15. Well, you seem to have convinced yourself....

    That certanially is the idea tho.
  16. I don't even really eat Corn Flakes, that's not the fucking point dude.

  17. Hey buddy who doesn't think it was warranted, how bout you consult this issue^^

    Instead of pandering about what kind of fucking cereal you eat.

    I have a feeling you don't belong on this forum...wait its not just a feeling YOU DONT
  18. Please kid, I know more on a bad day than you could hope to learn about this particular flower. :rolleyes: You don't have the right to even think about telling somebody they don't belong on a public forum.
  19. Holy shit way to talk out of your ass and not answer the fucking question!

    Do you not see the disparity? They hired him with a DUI!

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