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  1. Lately I have seen postings in the "general" section, that start off "i know this is in the wrong category, but I want people to see it" meaning, it shouldv been posted in another area, but they want to post it in the most popular area instead.
    Doesnt it stand to reason that since postings in the general thread are more common, the thread has more of the chance to go unnoticed instead of its proper category where it wouldnt be moved off the page so easily?
    Not to mention its blatant ignorance?
  2. no cause threads dont get made fast enough to allow one to go unnoticed...especially sense one post and your thread is right back at the top

    and "proper category" isnt for stoners

    we just flock to general cause its got a little bit of can think of it as the downtown of grasscity

  3. this.
  4. Interesting, although I think threads do get created fast enough at the hot times?
  5. I agree man. I guess people are just too lazy and post in General no matter what they're talking about.
    I've noticed though that it's usually new members that do it because they don't know any better...kinda like a puppy peeing all over the house

    I made myself laugh :smoke:
    I'm a little high :D
  6. Agreed.
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    We do get alot of threads sometimes but the dumb ones die quick enough. That or one of the many mods will delete the useless shit

    When people READ the descriptions like they are supposed to they see this "Can't find a place to post? This is it."

    As long as thats there then I cant blame em for following the "official rules"

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  9. I agree, but when they know they are posting in the wrong place? This means they dont care that this creates more work for the already spread thin mods, and imo lacks respect for the website?
  10. Ive noticed this too. Ive also noticed a HUGE increase in new members. I think the problem goes hand in hand with the mass amounts of new people.

    Idk about you guys, but im getting tired of all the clutter and misplaced threads, and im also getting tired of seeing all the new people getting there post count up in the "Poster above you threads"

    IDK if im being a dick and over thinking this, but idk. peeeeople should stop lol
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    Well if the thread isnt useless here and gets hits then why make a fuss about it.

    Its too big of a forum to ever be completely organized so its easier to just try n let it roll off your back.

    I think of general of a mix of all the forums kinda. Like a random thread pot

    Now with all the trolls lately..I wouldnt mind closing registration. Just for a little bit to put a bump in where ever the fuck they're all comin from.
  12. You should just make a sticky telling people the appropriate places to post and post it in every catagory.

    Oh wait.....

  13. Have you read every sticky? I sure as hell havnt.
  14. same lol. But its easy enough to tell where a thread would go.
  15. Well I think it's annoying to have threads that don't belong in certain sections there. It's OBVIOUS what each forum is about and as a matter of fact, the descriptions are UNDER the forum you have to click on BEFORE making a post.

    There is no excuse. If you want a thread to get more responses, bump it if appropriate, instead of making everyone sift through the threads that they really just don't want to read about.

    I really don't see what's so hard about posting in the appropriate sections.
  16. I can understand people posting wrong in recreation, apprentice and seasoned because they are all pretty much one of the same.

    It does get annoying having people post stuff that belongs in the categories above in general.
  17. I think we need a section that you need X amount of rep, or X amount of posts, or a combination of both to enter. That way, it'll keep all the new posters out that dont know any better, it will stop all the pointless misplaced threads.

    But on the other hand, i could see that creating a problem...."im better i get to go in this section" is what i see coming from that.

    IDK its just a thought.
  18. I thought there was one
  19. wtf there is?
  20. I think they are going to do that with seasoned tokers.

    I remember reading a post about it in the feedback section.

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