Posting while under the influence.

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  1. The only time I like making threads or posting anything on here is when I'm on adderall. Usually I'm just content to browse around and hear peoples crazy experiences with drugs. Adderall is such an amazing drug I feel so good, after a few bong rips I feel perfect.

    Thank god for this forum though because all I want to do is talk to people when I'm on adderall and for times like this when no one is around this forum is perfect for communicating without having to worry about hiding whatever substance your on.

    Anyone else only post here when they're really fucked up/high?
  2. 100% of the time.
  3. I post more when Im high.
  4. Yea adderall will make a quiet carl turn into a talkative tammy.
  5. So he also turns into a girl?
  6. Yeah no doubt it turns a rather introverted quiet person like myself into that obnoxious guy that just loves to hear himself talking and just waits impatiently for his turn to speak. If I don't overdo it though I'd say that's the best part because I've had some great deep conversations that I never would have had otherwise.
  7. Actually yes hahahaha. If you do enough stimulants you'll be shrunken to the point where you may as well be considered female. :rolleyes:

  8. lolwut?
  9. Heh, do a bunch of stimulants and you'll know what I'm talking about.

    One of the most unfortunate side effects ever. :eek:
  10. QFT -but i still love dextroamphetamine

  11. fuckk... I just took 8 15mg dxm pills. does this happen over time? like years and years of doing this shit
  12. I've made some ridiculous threads while thizzed up.
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    we're talkin uppers bruh.

    think you got dextroamphetamine and dextromethorphan confused.

    edit- i have noticed its been harder to piss after doing lots of dxm. but its normal so hey, what the hell?
  14. ^dectroamphetamine, not dextromethorphan(dxm).. youll be fine haa (^beat me to it)
  15. HAHA shit i was like god damnit this isnt koo. ahh good stuff, thanks for the info
  16. the only time i really go on posting streaks like im doing when im under the influence of opiates..

    this whole week i havent been high and at the house once, so ive probably posted less throughout the whole week than i have in the last hour. haha:hello:
  17. Those are my parents names! HAHA!

    But I usually post while high or after taking oxy waiting for it to kick in.
    After that I throw in some music and chill on my bed or play some video games.
  18. I do the same here, I will pop some shit, and then get on gc and chill while it kicks in, once I feel it kicking in, I just go to my room.
  19. when im high at home i post a lot. often say dumb shit too.
    when im not under the influence i usually just read other peoples posts and all that
  20. I noticed that as well. Wonder if its because you get dehydrated?

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