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posting weed videos on youtube

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thezool, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. the few weed channels i'm subbed to on youtube live in states in america with medical marijuana in them.

    i live in the UK and feel like doing a review of my iolite, it's so fuckin awesome i wanna let more people know. anyway could it be taken off of youtube or could i get in some sort of trouble for posting weed stuff from a country where it's illegal?

    probably a stupid question but worth checking.
  2. It can be taken off, but videos of mmj or even a common stoner isnt going to be a priority.

    YT will cooperate with law enforcement, but only if requested. Again, its not a priority. They dont look for stoners and report them
  3. naw ur good
  4. Nope if its flagged all that will happen is they will put an age restriction on it so whoever watches it must agree to be 18 or older. Theres tons of weed videos man just post yours up dont even worry about it.
  5. Check out Dopefiend, he's from the UK and does video reviews of vapes and stuff. So yeah, you're alright. Although I remember youtube closed this Canadian medical users account (theweedguy) so you're not totally immune to the youtube police...
  6. There's videos of people smoking meth on youtube, you'll be fine
  7. They're probably going to put an age restriction (18) on it before they do anything else. They're looking for things like spam and copyright infringement, offenses that can cost YouTube a lot of money.
  8. Youtube doesn't give two fucks about drug use on their website...I've seen videos of people nailin' H sharps on there.

    But post a video with something from WMG and all hell breaks loose...Ha! Humanity is going to shit.:cool:
  9. #9 Ninjaballs, Nov 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2011
    If you post too many and get too popular, they might come after you. It happened to that kid called massachiefa420 (idk if thats right) they came to his house and took everything, his dad and brother were arrested but he was 17 so he was released to the custody of another relative.

    Edit: Heres a video. They were actually caught by a tip from someone, and the videos were hard evidence.

  10. Yeah, but massachief also had videos of his entire family getting lit as fuck.

    As high as I am now even I knew that was a pretty terrible idea.:cool:
  11. Yeah lol if you collect weed paraphernalia where it's illegal, dont post 100+ vids on youtube. Common sense, duh!
  12. Just make a review of your iolite and how great it is for vaping "tobacco".
  13. Nah, go ahead and post 100+ videos but don't get caught IRL. They can use those videos as evidence only if you've been convicted of a crime IRL.

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