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Discussion in 'General' started by jasonjasonjason, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know how to post a song that I have saved on iTunes? Do I have to upload it to a website first or can I host it from my computer?

    Its this awesome song me and my band made called "Redneck Mom" haha we arent a very serious band obviously but everyone says we are awesome, we just never play shows because we dont really have an interest in it and besides that not many people want to sit at a bar drinking beer to psychadelic blues intstumentals.

    Anyone want to help?
  2. LOL by the way its 28 minutes long....
  3. dont even bother... youll cause way to much server traffic. admins would be pissed.
  4. Agreed. You might be able to find a site that MIGHT host it..i doubt it if its 28 mins long
  5. Just find one of those file upload sites, some have 100 and 500mb limits so they should be ok.
  6. 100 - 500MB? wow..i wanna find a site like that
  7. hell yeah man, I use dmusic for my music.

    its totally free, although that song might be a bit larger than the limit.. save it as an mp3 if at all possible. Just register there man it kicks ass

    I'd like to hear it whenever you get it uploaded.. you can cheak my shit out too

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