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    I've only posted a few pictures since the new format here at GC.  Besides mine, I've noticed other pictures that end up HUGE after clicking on the thumbnail picture.  Before, I'd just attach a picture from any file or desktop and the picture would show up at a decent if not large size.  Now, it's way too big and I can't even view the whole image on my 27" Mac Monitor without scrolling up and down.
    I know pictures can be re-sized but now that's just an additional step I have to do in order to post pictures.  I'm not going to go thru that much hassle to post pictures.  Dunno about others but I sure liked the "old" website format better.  I'm missing the rep points, the color is WAY TOO BRIGHT and now the hassle of re-sizing every picture sucks.
    Please everyone, if you don't like issues with the new format, let the GC people know.  It's our website and I feel that the folks here should say what they like or not like about the new website format, and the majority should prevail.  Personally, I find less to like than any improvements that might have been made.  It's slower too!

  2. An easy fix for the pics is to put them into your gallery then when you're posting click the "My Media" button and click the pic. It will make it normal size.
  3. Hey, THANKS, that saves quite a few steps I just don't feel like doing when I'm really stoned. 
  4. I like to upload pictures to Imgur, then when I copy the code over here (it will give you the bbcode or url of the picture), just modify the link to add an "L" before the .jpg extension for a large thumbnail (perfect size for this forum width), or "H" for a huge thumbnail (sometimes too big, but useful for some pictures).
    Simple resizing, and if you needed the original size, it's still uploaded, just remove the l or h from the link :D
  5. I can't post a pic at all?

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