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  1. Hi could you tell me how to post pics and whether it's safe for a uk resident to do so. Is there anything I should do to the pics before uploaded ect.

    (I've just noticed the upload a file at the bottom so mayb that's how. But is it safe ect)

    I would like to be able to show my plants to gain some better advice from the eyes of experience.

    I have afew theories of why my lowryder is droopy but want to wait till I can show pics. So we can be sure but i think a little of everything is causing it.

    I'm regretting using the china brought fabric pots. Only have one and this pot dries totally around its edge after hours. I think it's over/under waterd always. I might put some stripes of cling film around it to help hold some moisture better while still acting as an air pot.
  2. Post them pic's man. Let's see it.

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  3. I use imgur and just link to them.
  4. I thought using image hosting sites opens us up to being found lol. Doesn't this site's image hosting protect from all that?
  5. Well I've been on her personally for a few years now and have posted many pics of my grow. Others have been here even longer and are still going strong! Just message them in a private chat if you're that uncomfortable bud, problems need solved here man.
    But honestly you're fine man just throw them up in this thread.

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  6. Ok ill give it a crack, plus it's only one and a half plants in my view since one is the lowryder auto 1st type so lucky to hit 10g lol.

    I've been told about lowryder for years how it's super small and gives you an Oz. So thought ide get 5 seeds and go one at a time.

    That soon changed when I found out 10g is lucky. So I orderd some other seeds and have an auto #1 and lowryder now. Hoping I hit that oz target.

    Plus uk doesn't seem to be intrested in personal growers. I've been reading lots of police officers saying grow your own. Don't fund crime no joke. Then there's 3 police chiefs saying they will not target personal growers.

    Or burglars which isn't good tbh the police are saying they need to focus on new crimes and protection. So ther not intrested in little grows by the sound of it. That's my amber light. I've convinced my Mrs this is legal weed too after buying some legal weed from the shop afew months ago she believes me lol. But she's never smoked a cig never mind anything else so gullible on this stuff. But listening to the police this is legal lol. I don't plan on ever sharing my stash or growing bulk.

    I wread about one guy who set up 11 plants in his flat no carbon filter he stunk out the whole area and was raided. He received a caution. 11 plants lol that's more than most legal usa numbers isn't it. I thought he'd have got prison for that msny.

    I've been reading around busts and only two got jail and it was point blank obvious they was cash crops. One had booked a big holiday with no money to fund it but had 6 big plants nearly ready. The other guy wow he built an underground factory that's a good story. That could be a tv show lol. Which reminds me I want to check that weeds show.
  7. I just tried and it's not letting me, I did the choose file ect then nothing happened.

    Ide rather not use image hosting sites tho but I'll try with my laptop to see if that helps.

    I will say they've perked up abit since watering them. I'm going to water them alot more often mayb little and often.

    Definitely bigger too after looking at my album deceptive growth lol bulking up everything rather than throwing out a new node every other day.

    Auto #1 stem growth looks great too full leaves about 1in of so big sticking out. But not getting great light I'm thinking about lst to try.

    But told to wait until day 23 until I start the bondage. No idea how I'm going to do it yet tho. Knowing my luck I'll snap it.

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  8. Oh shit it has worked lol.
  9. Ok so here's day 17 which is today. The above pic is from day 15
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    No its not working now not sure why, I'm uploading file using the upload file tab below. Once it's stopped loading I tap close. Which is all I've been doing. It's allowed one pic to post which shows them on day 15 and droopy.

    They've perked up alittle since then but not preying. Once I figure this out I'll start a thread and post all my pics and the few I've taken in sun light. I know led light isn't great sorry.
  11. My lowryder looked terrible last night seriously dropped. I over waterd it but today it looks better than it has all week.

    Some leaves are canoeing tho and I've noticed one has a hole in it, mayb I cracked a leaf trying to nip and tuck it to let the node bracing to get light.

    The leafs coming out of the nodes look different are these preflowers? The trim leafs?

    I also got my mars 300w today and tbh I'm not impressed with it I think the 48 is just as good. They are about the same size too but the 300 does have an extra 35w ish.

    I'm just going to stick with the 48 until the last few weeks then I'll put both of them on.
  12. Ok I have the uploading totally sorted now altho some teething problems with my phone spazzing out.

    Tap the message box to get the keyboard up. Then tap the upload a file. Select image and done. Let that sort itself out and load, don't close it. Just tap the message box again to hide it. Then keep waiting, and waiting and the file will pop up at the bottom. You can then tap full size and the image will be posted much bigger like using a image hosting site.

    Most probably already know this tho lol.


    Here's a day 17 of my plants, I have a diary up now with images from day 2 and 2 day updates.

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  13. Imgur doesn't require any of your personal information.

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