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  1. Hey, I was just wondering what yields you guys have gotten from a single plant.

    I keep hearing different things about yield... Some people say a pound, other say an ounce.
    What is your average yield for a plant? Please dont put down the best yield you've gotten because I just want an idea of the average yield for indoor grown plants.

    Also, please tell what lights you were using!
  2. in my experience its been pretty consitent wether i was doing 10 under 1000 or 25 under 100 about a pound and a half
  3. It's no wonder you see answers everywhere from one ounce to one pound, and they could all be true BTW. To understand the answers to your question you would also need to know:
    - soil or hydro
    - if hydro what method, details on op
    - if soil what mix and what size pots
    - pH history
    - what strain
    - which nutes
    - how long veg
    - what light schedule
    - how much of what kind of lights
    - topping, fimming, LST, scrog, supercropping, etc.
    - temps
    - pollinated or not
    - And so on

    So you can get answers to your question, but they don't really mean anything without the context of the grow specs. You can't just compare any grow "A" to any grow "B", they may be so completely different.
  4. around an O to a QP
  5. i got a quarter pound with these details
    hydro bubbleponics system from stealthhydro
    my ph was always perfect but i dont know about ppm
    as far as strain i got a bunch a differant labled seeds from a grower this one was blueberry sativa
    i used the stealth hydro nutes
    i vegged for 2 months
    24/7 cfl seedling
    18/6 cfl for veg
    then i flowerd for 11 weeks
    on 12/12 with a 400w hps
    as far as pollination it was a hermi and it pollinated itself
    this was my first grow and i have updated everything except my 400w hps for details on that check out my thread
  6. I just harvested a 6 foot mostly-sativa plant I grew from bag seed. I flowered for 113
    days after 30 days of veg. Yielded ~9 OZ final dry weight.

    This was vegged under 400W MH bulb and then 400W HPS for flowering.
    I used Miracle Gro (fuck off, I know!) Tomato Food 18-18-21 for veg, then
    switched to Miracle Gro Bloom Boost 15-30-15 nutes for flowering
    with a pinch of Miracle Gro Azalea & Rhododendron 30-10-10 every couple
    of days. I do NOT want to "hear it" about using MG!!

    I gave it 1 tablespoon of black strap molasses per gallon for EVERY watering
    during flowering. Every four weeks I added a very small pinch of epsom salts.

    During the last three weeks I added a 26W Reptisun 10.0 "Desert" UVB bulb
    to the grow and the result was very noticeable.

    I flushed with pure water & molasses for a week, then nothing for three days
    before harvest. Bud tastes a little off, no doubt due to MG ferts, but is OK
    and gets me stooooned.. :)

    All the pics and more details here

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  7. As long as you don't foliar feed with miracle grow you should be good. I have heard some bad thing about smoking BUD with fertilizers on it. And any how you shouldn't foliar feed with in two weeks of harvest.
  8. I've heard the same things.. I do not foliar feed with MG anywhere.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  9. all my friend grow and i know quite bit. But i just started growing my self. The Problem is that they grow in dirt and I went hydro. I have two 4x4 trays ebb flow, general hydro nutes, 1000 watt mh for veg, and 1000 watt for flowering, my growing medium is expanded clay, and i have 16 plants per tray, mylar the whole shabang. I have mylar and perfect ventilation and climate control. ph perfect and ppm's perfect. my only question is how much will i yeild off of these plants. 2 months veg and 2 months bud??? most of my friends get a qp or more but thats dirt. oh i forgot to mention that they are hybrids, good producers. any thing would be help full.

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