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  1. I have never believed any of those stories you hear on tv, usually in a commercial, advocating that a bunch of people lost weight or gained muscle through some special meal plan, piece of equipment, or workout video. I'm sure the products being sold may work for some and perhaps many but I didn't find any comfort in any of these so called testimonials. Post your TRUE weight loss or gain stories (depending on your goal) to show that it is possible!
  2. The stuff on TV is all a gimmick.

    I have gained somewhere between 15-18 pounds since February of this year.

    You're not going to gain significant mass without going to the gym and lifting heavy weights, simple as that.
  3. Here's my weight loss story. 265 to 189 pounds. Started 05/01/2011

    Woke up May 1st this year and decided to just lose weight. Began by going soda free and vegan for that entire month. Went running for at least 30 mins (2.5 miles) on the treadmill everyday and two miles on the elliptical machine on the toughest resistance (alternating between working upper and lower body every .25 miles in both forward and reverse motions). After that month I had lost 30 pounds. Lost another 15 the next two months but after moving down south during that summer I fell off diet and exercise and put 10 pounds back on. Got back on the diet when I left for college and no longer vegan but my diet for past couple of months have been a bagel a day, peanut butter, raisins, and water. Every two or three weeks I will have pizza and I go to subway once a week. I usually drink soda on either occasion. My gym schedule was five miles every day but has turned to more 5 miles two or three times a week (got hit by a car a couple of weeks ago and almost ready to resume full workout schedule again). Most of my exercise is just from walking campus though. Not as serious about exercise as much as the dieting anymore and believe I can lose the last 24 I want gone to make it an even 100 by Thanksgiving when I see my parents again (my mom is jealous, shes been on weight watchers for years and eats all that diet food but isn't even close to my progress).
  4. When I was 11 I was the fattest kid in my school... 5'11 at 215lbs. One day I watched a Dr. Pepper commercial and there was a bunch of skinny people dancing on top of a rooftop, having a good time; I wanted to be like them. The next day I started eating healthy and working out. I did all the research I needed to get in the shape I wanted to be via the internet, and asked for tips from strangers at the gym; never asked for someone to guide or help me.

    I went from 215 on January 2001 to 155 on Junly of 2001. I was 11 (12 in May) years old, did all the work myself; there's no excuse for why people are fat other than lack of self motivation and desire.

    I barely hit puberty and went from obese to fit, and these grown adults want to be in beach bodies but can't even open up google. Ridiculous.
  5. After my freshman year of school when I lost (15 pounds, fucking garbage fucking food), I dedicated my spare time to gaining mass. I went from 155 -> 182 so a mass gain of 27 pounds in two months. I was eating literally everything in sight... and copious amounts of it. Family members and friends thought I was taking some form of anabolic steroid but I was just following some strict dieting regimens.
  6. Your closing quote is so true. Fuck supplements and fancy ass workouts with x amount of sets and reps.... go to gym, lift heavy weight, eat lots of healthy food and you're done. Very simple; but lazy people want shortcuts so they try and make it as complicated as they can.
  7. Once when i was 16 i lost like 20 lbs when i was already skinny as fuck, surgery does that to you.
  8. My second year of college, I found myself at my absolute heaviest, weighing 240 pounds (I'm only like 5'6 or 5'7 so I was a pretty big guy). I was laying in my bed one night and I just couldn't sleep because I was literally disgusted with myself. The next day I started working out, not thinking it would get me anywhere like the dozens of prior failed weight loss attempts. So to make a long story short, the weight flew off of me as I was eating better than I ever had and working out every day. I got down to 180 in less than 4 months and could not believe it.

    Another 4 months later, at the end of the summer, I weighed in at 142 pounds. Losing weight had just become part of my life. Fast forward 3 years and I weigh a healthy 155 pounds.

    Like someone said earlier, I have a hard time feeling sorry for the people that always make excuses about not losing weight. If you have the desire,willpower, and dedication anyone can lose weight
  9. Pretty inspirational to read these congratulations to all of you
  10. I was a skinny-fat 140 around my second year of college. I put on about 15 pounds while losing fat through some hard work in the gym. I joined the rugby team and dropped all the way down to 140 again from all the running. I got back up to 155 by my third year of school, and now I'm around 170 and pretty lean. I've gotten stronger by a ridiculous amount throughout the whole process. My highest weight so far has been 182, which is a gain of 42 pounds overall from when I started.
  11. Well this morning I woke up, took a shit, and weighed myself at 129.8 which is bigger than I have ever been before.

    Just have to eat lots of food and pick up then put down heavy things.
  12. I went from 145 - 160 in a couple months doing SS and GOMAD.

    I havent weighed myself in a while but im filling out and id say im a solid 160lbs. Slowly going to be bulking all winter, although school and my social life is definately taking away from my training time, im making due. Want to be a solid 175 by next summer and ill cut.
  13. I'm somewhere in the range of 175-185 pounds. Which is 78-83 or so here, I keep changing between those numbers. I want to get to 90kg (205 pounds I think) then I'll cut hopefully to 85kg.

    I was 85kg during year 12 of high school, but I was a bit chubby too. People didn't fuck with me because I was larger than most, never got into any fights because I think I was intimidating, although friendly. When I finished final exams I started running a month later in December (remember Australian). From December to the end of January I lost about 15kg which was quite foolish because I know I lost some muscle in that time.

    But over the last year I've stayed about the same lean-ness and I'm 80kg approx so I'm pretty happy :)

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