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  1. There are many techniques, tricks and various ways to smoke the herb. Post them here! :bongin:

  2. I know this is weird but I always exhale fully before I take a hit, and i inhale really slow until I have to carb.Sent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. 1) get weed2) smoke itHonestly though I have some habits when I smokeI first observe the bud, then I enjoy the fine scent it gives, then I pack a bowl and light up, and try and make some sweet smoke rings like Gandalf. I do this especially when I use my short pipe i named Bilbo. I like the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings if you haven't noticed hahaSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. I love toking a lot of little drags off a joint and then breathing in a bunch of fresh air to infuse that stuff into my lungs.... Just feels good

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  5. I always take my hit, hold it for a sec, then take another with my remaining lung capacity :D
  6. I like to take a couple puffs off the joint before taking an actual hit because this seems to keep it lit better than just taking a drag and passing.
  7. Inhale steadily, take a slow drag then move the joint back and forth to alternate between smoke and fresh air. Then move the j away and take a huuuuge inhale of fresh air. Hold for 3-5 secs. Exhale halfway, re-inhale what didn't manage to run away. Hold for another 1-2 seconds then exhale. Smileeeee real big. :smoke:
  8. Roll it up light it up smoke it up :smoke:
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    First i acquire the Champion Ring of Bastarmia from the great white wizard - whom can be found in the lost forest of hope. at coordinates 65.5465 N. & 76.5346 W. There, you must give him the talisman you acquired from bovan the mystic in south fell. In return, he will give you the sand of a thousand suns to use on the doorway of netherscape.
    Once you reach the doorway of netherscape, rub the sand on its engraved walls and chant the mystic words of the loom and the door will open. Then, you will have access to the great bong of the netherscape. but wait! you must first acquire the lighter of four fires from the lion trainer at the four seasons of fate, he should be willing to help if you let him have a bit of your sand of thousand suns.
    Now that you have obtained the lighter of four fires, you may now bestow thy flame upon the great bong of the netherscape! Be wary though, for only a champion of the Bastarmia realm can inhale such a mighty rip.
    that's usually my smoking technique. mostly on fridays.

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