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Discussion in 'General' started by RVD420RVD, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Lol that's funny
  2. y'all need to hurry up

  3. It's happy Friday up in here!!!
  4. We on cruise control, homie. No worries, no hurries.
    It tastes kinda different from Peace Tea. I like that PT has no HFCS though. But yeah, those 2 for $1 deals will get ya. Think I was gonna drive in the hot ass sun for 1 lil can? Hell naw!
    Bubs says the Georgia peach peace tea is rlly good so maybe try it out one day...:)
  6. Got weed, got a job and ready to get down on total war when I get back to my pad. Enjoy your day fellow stoners
  7. No love for red diamond?

  8. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1432922140.911898.jpg
    If you can find these, try them. Just make sure they arent the flavorless low cal version. fuck that :p
  10. [​IMG]

    I'm truely sorry if I raged at anyone reading this...

    I was right tho, you guys are, comparitively, very spoiled.
    Now so am I. It is what it is. :confused_2:

    But I'm just over here tryin to focus on my future badass self and not my past douchebaggery.

    Thanks for that tho.'s some cuteness to try and help lighten up you mafuckas days.

  11. Definitely will keep an eye out for one. I used to think "eeww peach tea. Tea is only black or green" then my mom bought a Snapple variety pack and I gave it a try.

    Now I only drink flavored tea lol I had a cup of regular tea the other day and I was looking at that shit like I was drinking a dead body smoothie.
    That escalated violently quick :laughing: 
  13. georgia peach is soo fucking good. definitely grab it next time you see it. you won't be disappoint
  14. Lol right? That's literally the 3rd thing that popped into my head. The first thing was cheese and I was like "your autism is showing" and the second thing was "omg I need a manicure for real" but that was just off topic as fuck.
  15. Because of my schedule I haven't been into the room in my house which I affectionately refer to as my smoke den since monday. I just walked in and it still has an obvious weed smell even though I haven't smoked in there for days, there is no flower or other material stored in there currently and a window is open. Mission accomplished.
  17. Hell yeah one time I shit all over my carpet and didn't clean it up and it still smelled next time I came in lmfao mission accomplished xD

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