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Discussion in 'General' started by 420DJ, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. So I had an epiphany while stoned and I thought maybe we could have a thread like Post Your Thoughts where we rate how high we think the user above us are. So we can kick this off with rants, political issues, general comments, etc. I guess we should have loose rule not to say how stoned we are directly to make it more fun. I don't know that I should start a sub topic here, I mean my life is kinda fucked up. Still I will say that I've been thinking about voting for Donald Trump lately so I must be at least a little baked already. Still he has strong foreign policy you have to admit, it almost makes me want to vote for him even though he is a dick. I mean if he is this much of dick to the American people, he would be just as much a dick when being "diplomatic".

    Tell me I am wrong here? It makes sense to me,

  2. I hate my life. I hate my parents. I'm broke all the time. I'm a loser. I'll be single for the rest of my life. I can never accomplish anything that I want.

    How high I am: 0/10 [​IMG]

  3. Actually your a full 420/10 cause you apparently didn't read the thread or the title lol

    Don't worry I am kidding, that is a bit rude on my part. Still you suppose to rate how high you think I am or was when I wrote the above. Sorry about parents and life and money and shit, but things will work out, I find that even when I am broke I can afford bud and as long as I can afford bud than life is prefect.

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    I was only kidding lol. Sorry, I love black comedy.

    Anyway. You voting for Donald Trump? You must be -5/10.. ... stoners don't feel hate while they're high, they love everyone. lol

    I've smoked weed with a muslim refugee before.

  5. I'm related to Donald Trump, no fooling either I really am. Now imagine how baked I must be if I am admitting this.
  6. 2000/10

    Who would admit that? Lol
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    This thread is what now?
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    You guess how high the person above you is, I am going say 10/10 for you. Actually I don't think your ever not been stoned since I've been here based on your posts lol

    I have been here a short while but I notice things,

    Jane_Bellamont I was actually stoned as fuck when I made the original post, I didn't have anything against Muslims when I wrote that. I just don't know that giving Iran a nuke is a good idea and thought Donald Trump would probably put an end to that at the very least. I don't know, I really dislike all the candidates to be honest, every election seems to be worse in terms of choice. Thats awesome you note that you can't feel hatred stoned cause for me I find that I always see the cup half full when high. Maybe thats why I wanted to vote for Donald Trump last night, maybe he seemed positive in that moment because I normally see negatives with him I don't know.

    I wasn't going to get high last night but I had trouble sleeping, you'll find I am a night and weekend warrior lol - thats not to say I am never stoned during the day but if I am, its edibles. I trying to prefect edibles but in the meantime I got a very small and very crappy bowl. I do that because I doubt anyone is coming in my apartment during night but I live in housing for the disabled so what sucks is during the day it can be very active. Its independent living but I have had staff come in to check on me and stuff if they don't see me for a while and there is even a case manager here. This place I live is not idea for weed smoking but I am just crazy enough to do it, once I get the edibles going I should be able to dose at around 4:00 until bed and noon on the weekends.


  9. went outside to clip my toenails. What a nice day. Glad I have the day off.

    Oh yeah, I'm a say 5/10. Post is coherent.
  10. the fuck is this thread and i cannot respect anyone who considers voting for trump.
    This is some of the weirdest shit I've seen on the internet. And I've seen some weird fucking shit.
  11. Teresa was moderately high (4/10), but sobered up instantly upon reading some Trump related bullshit. To prove her point, she went to liveleak and...

  12. You need to chill out and smoke some weed, I was high when I made this thread. Its still a good laugh I suppose. Also I am very very weird, no one knows how weird I am. I didn't say I liked Trump, just that I found a positive with him. Like I said all the candidates suck really, I would rather have my balls cut off than vote this election lol

    0/10 not high enough,

    You pretty high to come up with this 7/10

  13. PYT is the only 'PYT' chat type thread that we're allowing at this time, so I'm closing this.
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