Post your temp/humidity readings!! [emoji938]

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  1. My worst temp spike ever. Almost deadly to the plants. Lost most of their vegetation. So sad that day. [​IMG]

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  2. Daaaamn.. its amazing they didnt catch fire.. mustve atleast smelled like someone was smoking it at those temps.. wow thats high mann glad u got thst under control.. those kinds temps are deadly even for us
  3. it was during a heatwave and my exhaust hose fell off the vent and the hot air was just circulating in the room and the dehumidifier was just pumping crazy heat. It was crazy
  4. Im in the Danger Zone!! Wtf i hate when s#¥t like this happens mann..

    I had to move my project next door for a couple weeks and its in my neighbors front porch.. theirs no heat their n it be cold a.f..

    How long can they survive in these conditions??

  5. Can you put a heater in the tent? On oil filled radiator type is best. But, 37 won't kill them. Photosynthesis will stop but they won't die. They will need below freezing temps for an extended period of time to kill them. I had 5 small clones that completely froze solid for several day in single digit temps. They thawed out and actually survived. They lost most of their growth but came back 2 of them, I ended up planting outdoors and one ended up 10' tall and the other, 8'. But, If you have other options, and can move the grow without too much hassle, go for it. But you should find some type of heat source for your grow
  6. Just re read your original post. Didn't realize, you already moved it and that's where the issue is.
  7. I'd get a heater for the porch or in the tent.
  8. I just moved her back home to my secret room ive been putting together on the low..

    Got the tent up & running again with a nice space gor vegging right next to it..

    Bringing temp & humidity back up to normal

    Plants seem to have frozen out in that porch.. the puneapple chunch looks so hurt i think shes dying i hope she bounces back and cones back to life.. shes drying out and leaves looking curled and dried out

    Now home im hopeing for the best for these..
  9. Temp and humidity. Only thing I've been decent at so far. Lol.

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  10. Temps matter I try to keep it below 80 and above 65, the only time I worry about humidity is when I cut and hang the plant start around 70% and slowly bring it down to 55
  11. Usually this isnt anissue for me but since ive gotten diagnosed its like the world wants to come to my house

    Being in in an illegal state i cant just have it out in the open since ppl from the hospital & social workers and ppl from the homeaid company n all these others that all of a sudden need to come to my house..

    So i had to move it for a lil bit.. and where i moved it to was bad cuz it was freezing over their.. no new growth happened atall cuz they were freezing they asses off.. now i got them back home in a new home in my home & i hope i can keep them all but temps/RH are good right now
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  12. The pineapple that was looking really bad is looking back to happy happy ..

    Temp is in mid 60’s and humidity in the 50’s.. ITS FLOWER TIME..

    I hope this 60-68° temp will bring out phenos from [​IMG][​IMG]these ladies..
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  13. 68°f 60%RH.. good??
  14. 68f is ok for lights off - too cold for lights on except maybe the last few days of flower.

    I dont wanna kick a guy when he is down but your plants look fucked mate.
  15. Similar temp happened to a mate of mine. Random massively hot day in an attic grow towards the end of winter. He had gone away for a few days and come back to a wiped out plant. I ended up taking it from him and revegging it, was one of the best yielding plants ever. He was gutted because he said I couldn't do it and it was dead, he was still 1/4 way through flower whilst I was harvesting his rejuvenated plant.
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  16. Ohh yea i agree but they dont look like that anymore.. that pic was as soon as i finished putting the tent together yesterday after bringing them back home from next doors heatless front porch.. they were their about a week and they almost froze to death.. they looked like that cuz of freezing temps.. they didnt even grow atall..

    Ill take a pic of each one later today.. they all look so much happier.. im surprised cuz they looked so bad i thought i lost some..

    I can control temps easily here at home so if i need to raise or lower it its not a problem also same with humidity i have control of it..

    Thanks for not sugar coatting it tho brother.. keep it !!
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  17. They look alot better now.. i had them in 12/12 while they were freezing and no growth at all.. so now that i brought them back home and their happy again im going to let them veg for another week then flip the switch again after they fully recover from almost freezing to death..
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  18. Some of my best yielding and hardiest plants were ones that were almost killed and had to bring back to life. They also, seemed to be the most pest resistant as well.
  19. Here a couple pics of what they look like now

    Clones still havent put out roots but the centers are turning yellow.. not sure y.. anyone??

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