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  1. ideas or stories about stuff like burning bag of dog shit, throwing eggs, etc.

    (at night prank)take 10 2-liter bottles, fill them half way up with water, leave the caps off. then make a bowling alley in your street, headpin on the double yellow, 7 and 10 pin on the white lines. aka you block the whole street. then you wait for a car to come through, at 45+mph, they wont be able to stop and the car hits, no damage to car cause caps off and as the car drives away you run up and see how many pins are left. get a strike you yell WOHOO SSSTTTRRRIIIKKKEEE
  2. thats pertty fucking funny. could damage these newer cars however.

    we would go get all sorts of fucked up... and some one would dress in a wizzard suit. he would then do shit like.... rev a chain saw in hte middle of the street.

    stand and stare at you threw your window.

    just general shit. the cops never cought us, but we had so stop becaue their is still a warrent out for arrest of "the wizz".
  3. lol i threw snowballs at cars, thats the closest i got to that
  4. A friend and i had an idea to start leaving messages from a gay old phedo at our friends house. We left plenty of messages. Didn't find out until years later that his dad called the cops everytime Lol.
  5. win that is a win,um prank called more then 1000 times
  6. i put soapy water on are floor infrount of the bathroom door while my sister was in the shower. when i was done i sat in the living room with my brother and waited...pretty loud thud she made haha

    [2000th post!]
  7. Umm lets see,

    House with about 8 people fast asleep.. Decided to switch on the fog machine for a few hours and set of the smoke alarm. The reaction was pretty darn good especially when they got outside. :)

    Another.. Excuse my shocking explaining skills..
    Jumped on the internet and got a sms system going with a custom caller id. Thought sweet this could be used for something.
    Anyways sure enough the moment came.. Had a mate and his gf over.. consequently had both their numbers. Sent a message using my mates gf caller id to my mate on the lines of.. Sorry baby I am pregnant and I don't know who the father is..

    Telling them about the stupid prank was the hardest thing. :)
  8. u ever cover a toilet seat with turtle wax, then you have to increase the other side an inch by sticking something under it about the size of a lego. if you do it right you can make a woman slip right off the toilet seat, guys are harder cause they got hairy asses lol.
  9. This made me lol and i dont have legos anymore
  10. well it will work on a middle of the night bathroom run during a day where your sweating at night, like a summer night. sweat + turtle wax + slight incline + dazed from just getting up = SLIP
  11. Thats solidly not the best idea . If only cars drove on the road then it would be cool , but if someone on a bike or scooter came through he could really fall and hurt himself and his bike . Do this instead ;sit  in a tree thats next to a road with a dummy like a scare crow or something that looks like a human . when a car comes by drop it on the windscreen and youll scare the shit out of them . Just make sure there is not a car behind the car your pranking , cuz if the car stops suddenly you could cause a accident. This prank is actually also not the safest bet . I think anything involving pranking people on the road can cause some serious shit . I saw that prank on jackass , there is some kick ass pranks on there .check that out for ideas   
  12. My favorite toilet prank is Saran Wrap. Stretch it tight under the seat and its about invisible. You'll end up with some seriously pissed off woman though :)

    Another fun one is too convince someone that smoke is coming out of their ears. Works really well if its one of their first times smoking :) if your lucky they spin around trying to see it.

    Happy pranking!!!!
  13. I like to tell people in front of me in lines (after they finish paying), while pointing on the ground 'excuse me, you dropped your pocket' so many look and once the realize they have been had can't help but smile and laugh... Give it a try...I was 5/5 (in one gas station stop) last time I did it! That time I got people walking in to pay for gas and everything!

    Sounds cheesy, yes...but gets some innocent smiles and laughs. Some cashiers lose it when they see it happen...
  14. Couple of my buddies were really stoned and wanted to give Z breakfast in bed, and they really didn't think it through. I was just an innocent bystander looking for a laugh. They took a low coffee table and placed it over his face, with a bowl of cereal on top. They both yelled in his ears at the same time, and WHAM! I wish I could have a slow mo video of that cereal and milk flying everywhere.  When Z realized what happened he just about took our heads off with the table, threw it down the stairs after us. They had to pay for a steamcleaner for the carpet but it was worth it.
  15. While definitely a dick move, the following is a solid dorm prank, whether stoned, drunk, or both.

    Relieve self into a cup or gallon jug (What? I had to go!), prop against closed door, and wait for the call "Son of a bitch!" to wake you for breakfast in the morning.

  16. I have a shelfpdon black with attachable mouthpiece and bowl so I switched them and my friend sucks up all the water lol
    It was just me and him chillin but it was still funny
    He was mildly upset
  17. Me and 2 buds were in the drive thru ordering food at mickey d's, after 2 of us ordered and we move the car up past the speakerbox/menu, dimbulb 3rd friend decides he wants something and says he's going inside to order.
    shortly after, he comes back out with his order and is about to get back in the car (the car in front of us had a huge ass order)
    my friend whos driving turns to me and says dude, check this out, and as 3rd friend tries to get in (he's black) 2nd friend locks the car doors as he tries the handle and we both start yelling HELP HELP THIS BLACK GUYS TRYING TO ROB US HELP!!
    the ppl in the car behind us are like WTF and start honking, the employee about to hand us our order immediately closes the window and like 5 ppl at a nearby bus stop turn around looking all surprised.
    fuck that shit was hilarious, man. 
  18. I would murder you for that

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  19. one time me n some friends were smoking n this dude takes us to this other guys house and straight up takes a dump on the dudes front door step lol funny ass fuck
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    That's messed up

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