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    So since more or less schools are starting to end, just wanted to know how people did. Feel free to post your major and year(since frosh usually aren't concerned about their gpa?)

    I am a freshman, undecided.
    First semester- 3
    Second- 3.33
    Averaged- 3.165 or something like that.

    On a different note I know someone who got a 1 as their GPA. We all LOLed at him.
  2. I'm about to be a junior, computer science major

    3.68 this semester
    3.65 cumulative

    yay for +/- grading system

    and this thread is kinda 'lol look at me i did good in school' but its whatever
  3. I'm a senior grad student, neurobiology. Graduate this August.

    I'm still waiting on 1 grade, but my other 4 classes are all A's.

    My GPA up to this point is a 3.7
  4. Yea I can see how it the "look how well we did" thread, but its because the only people who have posted have above a 3. My friend got 2.5 for his first year, my roommate I think has a 2.2 and might not be able to transfer, I know my friend who got a 1 probably has a 2. I know my three roommates were put on academic probation the first semester for getting less than 2 and I think some might actually get lower than 2 this semester too. So theres a bunch of people who have either done better or worse.
  5. how do you get a 1 gpa?

    did he go to class at all?

    did he do anything?

  6. LOL he didnt go to any classes and failed the rest. So pretty much all Fs I think except for one D. He never really liked telling us he would just say "chill". The first month in, his english teacher sent an email out to everyone and singled him out saying that he had to come in for a talk.
  7. haha one of my friends roomate at school had a .8 after first semester, hes a dumbass and never went to any classes. he failed every class except one which he got a D in. He stopped smoking cause he thought that was the reason but now he just wastes all his time playing wow
  8. Attention thread
  9. I got a .8 the last semester I finished, I skipped almost every class. I think its no surprise that I have since dropped out. I was going through some turbulent times.
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    the friend i smoked with most often this semester (3-4 times a week) is applying for a hardship withdrawal (for psychiatric reasons) cuz he failed all his shit

    and he's still taking intro-level classes... yet he's been here as long as i have

    he's perfectly sane, he just has zero time management skills

    school isn't hard so long as you do what you have to do
  11. i think i got around a 3.1

    my cumulative is a 2.0 i believe
  12. Are you the guy with the 1.0?
  13. I'm at a 2.9 right now....could be waayyy better. I am disappoint.

    *edit* damn this thread makes me feel stupid as fuck :(
  14. Wow this thread was clearly made for the OP just to show off. LMAO at him trying to get attention on the internet.
  15. anyone feel like college is just a straight rip off......

    i mean i got a 2.8 and literally did nothing but skip class, smoke weed, and drink

    im a junior at the University of Kentucky, but i feel like if i can coast by and pass (with reasonable grades) how am i possibly being prepared for this "real world"

    i guess you get what ya give though
  16. 2.6 2nd semester, 1.8 first semester. Could have easily gotten 3.0's on both but I always had something pop up when I had exams and the professors of course would not let me make any up. Happened 3 times in 3 different classes, 3 different grandparents passing away :( Fucked up my hope lottery scholarship and im out 4k each year I go to school now, but hey i guess it happened for a reason.
  17. I had a 4.0 this semester. My Total GPA is sadly only a 2.8 though. Its come up a lot though. Was a 2.4 because I failed my Economics class a few years back. Fuck economics haha.

    going for my associates in gen ed with a specialization in psychology.
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    My classes are in blocks that last 9 weeks, :rolleyes: so my gpa isn't by semesters... but
    Last block was a 4.0.
    I have a 3.92 cumulative.
    This block ends this sunday, and I am not sure yet what my grades will be. I know I've nearly aced one class (99.96) but I suck at math, so I'm just hoping to pull a C- in that one.
    Then, starting monday, I have 10 weeks and I'm done with my AA.

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