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Discussion in 'General' started by Kronologick, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. go go go go




  2. i need a desk like that for making kandi braclets. that brilliant!.
  3. Thanks bro! I set that all up tonight, works perfectly!
  4. What kind of wood is that desk built from?
  5. nice pad. i live in a shitty hotel room so just envision one of those.
  6. Not a clue man, everything in my room is makeshift. I just go around finding desks that are being thrown out and combine them to make computer desks haha

  7. Quoted the wrong person :p
  8. Tight ass room!
  9. nice poster. pf
  10. can someone tell me the easiest way for me to upload pictures
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    TinyPic? Or add an attachment
  12. I took a picture from all four corners of my room + the poster of New York City that I've had for over 10 years.
  13. my room has a middle divider that seperates it in half.
    divider open:

    divider closed
    my actual room now: (you cant really see much but there is a drum set in the corner.
    weight bench and weights
    desk area

    im getting a mini fridge soon too

    i did all of this two days ago. my room used to be just half the size cause the divider was shut
  14. search function
  15. eh nothing speacial

    Where all the GC posting magic happens,

  16. this dudes got a gat
  17. Do i fuck?
  18. Looks like a .22
  19. Hahaha. B.A.R., I like how you have lotion right next to your computer. Get lonely a lot?
  20. + rep op. I love the pink Floyd theme and I'm going to check out the pink floyd philosophy scheme. I loved the spirit molecule. How about you?

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