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Post your ride!

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by acekilla89, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. It looks exactly like the definition of a pavement princess, to me.
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  2. just picked up a new-to-me daily. 2013 128i M Sport -6MT. Not going to win many races down at the strip.. with 230hp. But for my purposes its quick enough and quite a bit of fun.

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  3. If i didn't see the BMW logo in the center caps i woulda asked what kind a car that was... Keep in mind were all HIGH AS FUCK here!
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  4. My 74 Dodge Dart. Recently rebuilt engine and trans.

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  5. Just one of my babies. '87 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.5" Rusty's off road lift and RC short arm kit on 31" tires. 30 years old and still rocking the roads and trails.

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  6. W body huh..I got a gpgt I'm gonna do a top swap on..and I have an 05 impala ss which I will be taking the gen3 supercharger off and putting a gen5 on it.
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  7. Its a GT.
  8. Sent the last 6 mouth buying all new parts for a rare right hand drive 1956 f100. l am building this truck to kick some ass. This motor is a 730 hp 2017 coyote with a stage 2 edelbrook e force sugercharged. It will have a huge baer brakes on it and with the best front end and diff money can buy DSC02220.JPG 014.JPG
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  9. Darts look good in all Years

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