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    Weed is better than any pill
    I’m so high that I’m going uphill
    Don’t wanna do anything but chill
    Join us on this journey, it’s a thrill
    I’m so fucked up I can’t stand still
    Tryin’ to not let the haters fuck up my flow
    Weed is what I love to grow
    I’m in another dimension, ain’t no comin’ down
    From this view I can see the whole town
    Feel so god damn relaxed, like I’m in a motherfuckin’ sauna
    My doctor wants me to stop smoking weed but I don’t wanna
    Smokin’ on some chronic
    Not tryin to act all iconic
    Eyes red like I’m demonic
    Music sounding all harmonic
    Flyin to mars cuz I’m supersonic
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