Post your recent coco harvest

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  1. This is my recent Blue Dream, it came out pretty good an stoney. Gotta love Blue dream!

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  2. A friend gave me a couple small buds of blue dream, didn't do much for us. They were early pickins from a great looking plant, hoping we can get a taste of BD that was grown all the way out.
  3. Ya if its grown right, it can be some pretty stoney stuff. This batch actually came out really good
  4. was that Blue Dream from Humboldt Seed Organisation?

    if so, i grew that out and didnt really care for it. wasnt strong enough for me personally

    here are a few of my newest editions to the stash jars

    #1 #2 #3 are PurpleBerry BXII from Cannaventure Seeds

    #4 #5 are ChemDawg from Humboldt Seed Organisation

    #6 #7 is a freshly manicured GDP from GDP Seeds

    PurpleBerry wasnt as good as i hoped it would be, like most purple strains ive come across. kind of a menthol flavour to it

    ChemDawg is some KNOCKOUT shit. makes some of my boys nauseas when they smoke it hahahaha :smoking: defintely a keeper

    GDP just hit the dry room lastnight, so it will be a week or so before i get to try it out


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  5. No i got a mother of it from a fellow grower of mine. An i personally love it..

    Man those are lookin very pretty. I've never smoked chem but I've heard nothin but good stuff about it..
    Keep up the good work man.
    Looks like you got it Down!
  6. Not to sound like an ass but isn't there already a "Post Your Coco Buds" thread? :hide:
  7. Well now there's two and you do sound like an ass

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