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  1. Please post your ghost stories you've actually experienced. I'll start with mine and a story from a very serious friend.

    1. It all began in sixth grade, it was a day just like any other. My mother and I were getting ready to go to school, my brother was not home and my father was at work. As I'm putting on my shoes everything in the house starts beeping, lights flashed, and little superstitious me starts to get curious. I really should have thought about what I was about to do. When it comes to being bold, talking to an evil entity is a really bad idea. Well long story short, I walk outside to investigate, but something doesn't feel right. This is where I get the bright idea to say "Show yourself". Now in retrospect this was a really bad idea. When out of my brothers room, I hear the most evil, horrible voice ever. I heard a deep voice speaking in tongues. Needless to say I ran out of the house with one shoe on, and my mother heard the brown out and all the detectors going off for a couple seconds, but not the voice.

    2. Of all the ghost stories I've ever heard, this one without a doubt, takes the cake. I say this becuase listening to the fear in this girl as she tried to retell it really makes me believe she saw what she saw, and that people heard her scream, is just icing on the cake. My friend was in some type of theatre crap in highschool. She heard her friend say there was something weird going on in the auditorium. So for some reason she checks it out. As she enters the steps to the auditorium alone, she sees a dark figure in a cloaked hood floating in the corner. Soon it starts to come towards her and strangles her. She wakes up at the bottom of the steps screaming. Her friend runs up to her. They search the auditorium, she finds her assignment planner opened to her name. She looks for her back pack and her friend sits down. At this point my friend is in severe shock and disbelief. Her friend starts to joke with her, "what if it was me?" well she turns around after finding her backpack, and he is nowhere to be found. She walks upstairs and to her friend. Starts to talk and her friend looks at her like it's news to his ears. the friend that talked to her during the incident was never in the auditorium.

    I lack belief in god but shit like this makes me think twice.
  2. Ive heard footsteps and seen shadow people. Ive also had experiences in grave yards and ouiji boards. The existance of spirits doesnt mean god exists or doesnt. It has nothing to do with it
  3. I grew up in a somewhat haunted house and am still currently (but not for long) abiding here. Growing up I use to hear the wood kitchen chairs slide accross the tile in the kitchen. Everyone in my family, including myself, have seen a little girl dressed in white sometimes red (sounds oldschool/cheezy i know) wondering around, mainly in the hallways.

    One night in particular stands out, I was laying in bed trying to sleep and I felt what I thought was one of my cats jumping on my beed between my feet. I looked over at my door to see that it was still shut which means none of the cats couldve come in, and no there wasn't already one in my room.
  4. You know all your stories are probably just dumb luck with a situation and no such things as ghosts.

    I've tried to have people proove me wrong. I went to 10 at minimum so called ghost sites and not one run in.

    I can sense a draft and you think it's a
  5. I've tried to think of what could have caused the voice to eminate from my brothers room, maybe it was the pipes and the brownout caused a vaccum. I whole heartedly believe the story my friend told me. Just the actual fear in her voice, the pauses before getting to the scary parts as she prepared herself to relive the "happening". For me I've only had one really fucking weird experience. To me, I wasn't expecting it to be "supernatural". What I was expecting was nothing to happen and that it was just a brown out. Her and a friend saw the entity again, but they got the fuck outta dodge, especially when they both saw it.
  6. You seem pretty confident about it. I would say prove me wrong they dont exist but I just realized thats the same religious argument people have had since forever, except this time theres actual proof.

    You have never actually gone searching for it have you? You say you have tried to get people to prove to you they exist but I know you werent even looking. The entire time you were probably thinking how stupid they are
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    shadow people.. shadow people.. I can confirm the presence of shadow people. I have vivid memory of confrontation with a cloaked shadow figure when I was younger.. it literally grabbed me, the feelings were beyond physical contact
  8. Nope, I've actually gone to a few ghostmines around here, I'm from Pennsylvania nothing but cemeterys, farms and wierd random shit..

    I've searched, I also went to a few abandoned houses with a few buddies who believed there was ghosts when they went before.

    No luck yet, but I do believe in things that can't be explained....that's life.

    We humans can't comprehend death.
  9. Well I wish you luck later. Its an interesting experience.
  10. I'm highly curious in this shadow people
  11. saw something like this pretty much exact same thing cept it was at a hotel on the history channel.

    but 2 of my real good friends whom i've known since like 2nd grade have a very old house. it's actually in the top ten (i couldn't tell you what but i'm sure they know haha) oldest houses in my town. but one day it was raining and we brought our hockey net into there garage/barn (has an add-on plus an upstairs that we made into a bar/smoking place mad chill haha) and we start to hear a flute playing. there mom and dad was in the kitchen and there brother was with us. another time i was sleeping in the barn and i randomly awoke. this wasn't like a oh man i'm tired awake like i SPRANG forward to sit up and i have no idea why. but i start to hear someone coming up the stairs. at first i think it's there mom but it just stops. now i'm staring at the stairs. i could see pretty good and no one was on the stairs. i yelled out and everything "anyone there" but nothing. i remember saying "this is fucked up" and i just fall back into me castle of blankets and passed the fuck out. didn't freak me out as much at the time cause i was pretty fucked up haha but just thinking bout it gave me the chills.
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    I saw a lady in a night gown or maybe even a wedding dress with white flowers in her hair standing on my neighbors back porch. I was a little kid then and knew that my neighbors werent home because I was friends with my neighbors kid and I had went over there earlier and no one was home. Anyways when I saw the lady standing there I looked away, then looked back realizing what I had seen and there was nothing there.

    Also I swear I kept hearing someone walking around my house the other day numerous times when I was the only one there. I thought someone was breaking in after no one replied to my hellos so I got my shotgun and searched my empty house like a high mad man.
  13. Dunno if this is a 'real' ghost story, but when I was younger I used to live in a hallway right near our families computer, which is situated (because of space constraints, much the same reason I lived in a bloody hallway to begin with...) in the dining room. Anyhow, I can't remember exactly , when it started but I began waking up at night - or being half-awake at night perhaps - and hearing the sounds of our old keyboard, typing away. Not like a constant 'klak klak klak' noise, a few 'klaks' then a pause maybe, before a whole heap more 'klaks'... it sounded, basically, just like someone was sitting there, typing away inconsistantly. On top of this, I SWEAR that one time I heard the sound of the seat rolling across the floor. You say "Couldn't someone have actually BEEN on the computer, for whatever reason?", but the whole thing is that I was in a hallway when this was happening - that's to say, there was no door, if I sat up in bed I could of looked straight at the computer. I never did, because I was fucking terrified, but I can confirm that there was no light coming from the computers screen and the sound of the computer whirring away was absent, meaning that it's very likely that the computer wasn't turned on. As to why a ghost would want to type up something on a non-functioning computer/keyboard and whirl about the place on a computer chair has got me beat, but it creeped the shit outta me as a kid. Eventually I couldn't take it and ended up sleeping in Mums bed until I got up the nerve to go back to the hallway.

    Another similar and far more recent thing is that I've recently started hearing the distinctive sound of a light-switch being flipped outside my door, late at night. The light doesn't go on and off, and I sometimes hear this noise even when it's 7 o'clock or so at night and all the family is up with all the lights on. I don't think this is a ghost (funnily enough, I don't believe in ghosts full stop), just a funny little noise that has some cause that I haven't yet figured out...

    Finally, a 'real' ghost story. When I was 10 or 11 or so, our big fat old daschund Trudy died. She was like a big, fat cuddly hot water bottle and had lived 13 or 14 years of absolute luxury and love, being constantly cuddled and involved so much in the family that she was very much a part of our family, like a perpetual toddler or something. Anyhow, the point is that we loved her very, very much, and when she died of generalised organ failure we were devastated. We buried her in our backyard after a teary funeral... and she 'came back' a year later. Lemme try to explain this, from what I can remember - to be honest, I have more memory of her 'coming back' than I do of HOW she actually 'came back'. Essentially, it was a year after she'd died, to the day, and we were all sitting around talking about how she used to be. It was one of those fucking CREEPY nights, with howling wind, lightning and all the like. Anyhow, as I remember it we heard howling that sounded exactly like our old Trudy, but nobody wanted to say anything. We all just pretended it was another dog, though it sounded unmistakeably like her... anyhow, our other daschund Treakle dragged himself out of bed when the howling started, and came out to the kitchen/dining room area of our house that has a door going out to the backyard. He started snivelling for the door to be opened, which ordinarily wouldn't be anything unusual but on this night it was the most extreme weather I can ever remember - no rain that I can remember, but almost cyclone-like winds (that seemed to amplify the howling), with thunder and lightening everywhere. On nights like this, Treakle (and Trudy for that matter) always lay in bed, or if they were really scared they'd follow behind us like little shadows, waiting for us to go to bed so they could snuggle up to one of their humans. Anyhow, he started snivelling, and we told him "No Treakle, there's no way you're going out in this bloody weather even if you do need to go to the toilet" and put him back to bed with some newspapers on the floor for him needing to go to the toilet. Anyhow, the howling stopped for a while and most of the family went away to do their own thing. It was just Dad and me sitting in the dining room watching some show on TV. The howling began again, louder than before... and Treakle leaped off the bed and ran as fast as he could out to the dining room, before not snivelling but BARKING very loudly to go outside. He was a fairly old boy at this point, about 7 or 8 and well past his days of running full speed out to the kitchen, or running at all... and I'd NEVER heard him barking like this. Normally, he had a '2 bark' pattern that he'd do every time - BARR, BARR. He was standing at the door barking repeatedly, almost in a frenzied manner, BAR BAR BARR BAR BAR BARR. And the thing that creeped me out the most was that his tail wasn't wagging whatsoever, it was between his legs. If you've owned dogs, you'll know that when they want you to do something they wag their tails - wag their tails before going outside, wag them if they want you to give them some food you're eating, wag them about bloody everything, and Treakle was a particularly prodigious tail-wagger. But on that night his tail was held between his legs, while he was barking like crazy. It was so unsettling and creepy that we just let him out immediately. And the creepy thing is that the howling stopped shortly after he went out, and didn't happen again that night after he came in (with his tail wagging) - or indeed ever again. There's an easy rational explanation, that the noise was the wind or another dog's howl being distorted by the wind, and that Treakle was just in a state that night, but I like to think that her ghost came back that night and Treakle said goodbye to his wife the way that he never could when she died. She died very suddenly, and he had no chance to be with her as she was dying - Mum just took her off to the vet and she came back dead. Treakle was her 'husband' for many, many years and they had a very close bond... which is why I like my little 'ghost' theory on some kind of level, even though I'm a very strict naturalist and reject the supernatural.
  14. Those can be easily shrugged off. As its said, it looks like a shadow of a person, so if you are skeptical, thats what you will blow it off as.

    I saw one when I was about 6
  15. 6? Seems way too young to verify something
  16. I saw a witch in my house when I was a youngin
  17. I once saw a draped figure and followed it until it turned the corner and disappeared. Then I learned that the brain is not a perfect sensory organ.

    I have some schizophrenic tendencies, so I really doubt that we can perceive reality that well.
  18. Ive only had a paranormal experience once, but thank god it was explained... a few years ago, I was at my cottage which is on a lake. I was trying to sleep, and kept hearing voices.. whispers. I knew it wasn't anyone in the house, so I thought it was my imagination and tried to fall back asleep... for the next hour or two, I was the most scared I've ever been in my life, no lie lol.. the whispers continued, and I started hearing screaming! Very faintly, but I knew I was actually hearing it.

    I think I eventually fell asleep, scared shitless... the next morning I asked my uncle (who owns the cottage) about it and he said my window in the bedroom was opened (couldnt see cause the blinds covered it) and it was probably teens across the lake fucking/partying:eek:

    Anywho, Ive been practically begging for a paranormal experience for the last year or so, yet nothing will arise:(

  19. Not trying to bash you are anything :) i beleive in spirits so dont take this the wrong way :p But i find it interesting that people say that spirits can exist but that it doesnt warrrant a gods existence. Fair enough. But where do these spirits come from? are they dead people? if they are dead people, why are they still around and not all dead people? Where did the other dead people then go? Surely an afterlife right? doesnt this then mean that there is an afterlife, and that it also must in a way have a ruler? :p do you understand what i mean? :) No offence meant dude. I pretty much feel the same way, but i havent really fully been able to answer my own questions.

  20. If you do a little Googling there are a lot of great sites that articulate how the multiverse theory and string theory could possibly explain the paranormal. Sorry but I don't have the time to post any links right now.

    For instance, the cliched "chills" many people describe when experiencing a haunting? This could possibly be caused by the entity drawing away energy in the form of heat from the area it is inhabiting.

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